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Tennis, Anyone? (smile)

We had a great time yesterday -- to go with a great week of vaca. (Go, us!) We went for coffee after the Wimbledon finals, then drove down to Sauvie Island. (Looked for blue berries, but they only had 'you pick' -- and we weren't about to do that, so skipped it.) While driving around we talked about wanting to play tennis. (One of the things Marilyn mistressmarilyn had decided/hoped to do while on vacation.)

Anyway, we headed home, dug out our rackets and changed clothes and went to play at the local courts in the nearby park. (Yes, we're lucky enough to have a huge park only two blocks away from our house.)

It was tough going at first, but we got better as we went along. (smile) I guess I don't discuss it much here, but we've been playing for years. We're self-taught, but we were pretty damn serious about it for several years -- so we know quite a bit about the game.

I've coached it forever and a day, so naturally I had to jump in and help out a newbie who was playing on the court next to us. (grin) I've always been better at teaching tennis than playing it, but that's pretty much like everything else I do...

So later on yesterday we went to check out one of the local tennis shops, to see about getting our rackets re-strung. (Marilyn's strings are especially dead.) We could use re-gripping, too... We'll get synthetic gut, rather than the real thing (or a combo of both) -- unless the pro at the shop recommends the combo (which is what Marilyn says they've been going toward in recent years). We've never opted for gut, as it's too hard to care for decently. Synthetic gut is really quite good, actually.

We also got a couple of pairs of new shoes each, several wristbands and head bands and some new tennis socks. We need to get a case of balls (we've always tended to buy them by the case), but we've still got several cans so we're good for now. (We never play using less than three cans at a time.)

Anyway, the plan is for us to go and play again this evening, as soon as Marilyn gets home from work! We both can't wait!!!

She's going to work late -- coming off a week away from the office and with so many things that need to be tackled there. But it stays light until late now, so that's no problem!

As for today, I've been tackling a lot of jobs here around the house. I cleaned out the upstairs refrigerator (needed it bad!) and did a little bit in the downstairs one, too. I've been working on the utility room sink (where the washing machine empties), which has been backed up. What a mess! (ugh) And did a load of dishes, watered the outdoor flowers and did a few tasks in the yard and so on and so forth. There's a ton to get done around here!

I have so many things I want to post here to LJ. And I want to get our exercise journals up and running, too...

Anyway, I've been making new icons, so I need to show them off at some point. (smile)

Back to work!
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