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A 'James Gang' Meme to Share

This was fun! And I knew before I took it who I had to be. Seeing as it turned out to be true, I'll give this meme a big thumbs up. (grin)

Congratulations! You're Frank James!

You may not get all the glory, but by virtue of your wisdom and sound judgement, people listen to you, so you tend to get your way.

A peacemaker at heart, you don't back down from a fight if it's necessary, and you simply don't miss a shot.

You'd rather be reading or playing music than getting in fights or running around, but your loyal nature means that if those you care about are in danger, you're right there with them, even if that's not where you most want to be.

You always know how to make things right when feelings are hurt.

You're Frank James!

Which character from "American Outlaws" do you most resemble?

Take the test


One of the fun parts was making my own 'meme display' for sharing this. And I did it using only divides -- and no tables! Exciting thing, believe it or not... (smile)

Or -- in other words -- don't expect to be given anything but an image to share in your blog. (And they want you to save that and upload it from your own image host or website...) Actually, though, the code isn't all that hard to write. (Maybe that should be a future tutorial that I tackle...)

Who'd have guessed I'd learn something useful from posting a meme? Not me. (smile) You just never know...

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