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Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, I could say 'Happy Independence Day' -- but I have a thought as to why most Americans don't refer to our National Holiday by that title...

You see, though we may have originally been celebrating our 'independence' from something, these days we're all about celebrating our nation -- and all the people who inhabit it. And though many of those people aren't native born Americans -- or haven't yet become legal citizens -- everyone here is encouraged to join in our special party. (smile)

Of course, no one is suggesting that other countries don't have a fourth day of the month of July (grin) -- but in America when you say the Fourth of July, it's a big deal. A very big deal!

So call me a flag waver if you will, but I'm proud to be an American. I may not have voted for our current President (I didn't) and I may not agree with everything our government does at home or abroad (I don't), but that doesn't matter. I'm still glad I've been lucky enough to have been born and raised here in the United States.

It's certainly not my intention to make light of any other country in the world, by any means. Far from it.

Still, today is our day to celebrate who we are -- and what's come before today for our great nation. And I'm proud to participate!

Yesterday Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got three marvelous CDs that feature Americana-style music. One we had on tape previously, but had lost -- so we were especially delighted to find it again!

Today we went to our friend Leslie's Fourth of July barbeque at her home. (She lives around ten minutes from here.) It was a wonderful time -- I hardly stopped smiling for a second the entire time we were there! Talk about a mix of people -- black, white and Asian (and probably other ethnicities, too)! And talk about great food. (whew)

Now we're home, surrounded by neighbors who are setting off a huge array of fireworks. In Oregon the 'in the sky' variety aren't legal -- but that doesn't stop tons of people from setting them off! Plus loads and loads of ground-variety (legal) fireworks. We have a giant box of our own to set off later...

Joey fatjoey is racing to try and finish his "Hart's War" fic, even as I type this. (smile) He'd love to have it done today.

Just across the river in Vancouver, U.S.A. (as they call themselves), we have one of the largest firework displays west of the Mississippi. (Our sister Sue lives just across the river from Vancouver, so she always has a crowd over to view at her place.)

One of our local stations carries this show, with carefully coordinated music that matches the fireworks. Marilyn and I actually love to watch it on TV, believe it or not. (smile)

When the TV show is over we'll head outside to do our 'groundies' where everyone close by can see them.

Good food, good fun -- plus good friends to share it all with. That's a perfect Fourth of July for me.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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