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Face Recognition

I gacked the Face Recognition 'meme' (engine???) from Becky beckyo, and found it fascinating! (You can see what Becky said about it in this entry, if you're interested! And here's my response.)

Thanks so much for sharing this, Becky! (I mean it.)

I started out with this photo of me:
face recognition - me

My first/best result, was Meg Ryan. I'm stunned and complimented to pieces. (smile)
face recognition - Meg

But keep in mind -- as I do -- that she's only 63% similar, which isn't that damn close!

The site that's featuring this is My Heritage dot com, by the way. And reading How it works is fascinating! (grin)

Another result I got was Dean Martin (53%). Again, I'm flattered. (I don't care if the result is male. After all, men and women don't look that different, really.)
face recognition - Dean

Reminds me how much I love Dean... (smile)

I still haven't posted about the tennis (Wimbledon and Andre Agassi). But hopefully I will today!

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