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Another Support Question (sigh)

Is it a sign of something that I appear to constantly be asking Questions of the LJ ADMIN?

Believe me, I generally try anything else available first, before giving up and putting in an official question (request for help). And I don't think I'm stupid or unfamiliar with LJ, after four years here... So?

Yes, indeed. Some of my 'locked' entries are me tracking my support requests. (double sigh)

The latest is where I ask how to find links to the birthdays of all my LJ Friends. (And not just those with bdays in the current month!)

You used to be able to find this easily via 'My LJ' (no, not a fan, but it was handy) -- but now it's one month. I tried to hunt a link there, to no avail.

I tried to search for an answer (on both 'birthday' and 'birthdays'). I tried checking through the FAQ, too. No go.

I refuse to believe I'm the only one who wants this info from time to time... Am I?

Well, the next entry will be tennis-related. (It's been a very emotional day.)

Tags: 2006, july-2006, livejournal-admin, livejournal-changes, livejournal-support

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