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LJ and More 'Changes' (smile)

Well, well, well... I can't decide what to make of this entry at the lj_releases. (I'm a member at featureannounce, and this entry referred members to the one I've linked above.)

For those interested, I'll share the full entry under the cut.

account level rename

We're working on tweaking the names of the account levels: "Sponsored+" is now just "Plus", and "Free" is "Basic". Paid, Permanent, and Early Adopter are all staying the same.

We've updated the names of these account levels throughout most of the site, and we're working on updating our FAQs right now. We'll catch the remaining instances over the next week or so, but don't be disoriented if you see "Basic" or "Plus" instead of "Free" or "Sponsored+".

Huh? (Joking. I get it. I really do...)

EDIT: I hate it when people improperly place their punctuation outside quotation marks. It bugs. I just couldn't stop myself from mentioning this pet peeve! (grin)

Seriously, the comments to that first linked (bolded) entry above are really, really worth reading! And, no -- I'm not damning anyone who has opted to go Plus (ads, ads, ads), rather than Paid or Free (oops) Basic. Many of us are used to ads at sites we frequent, so why should it be different here at LJ -- right? (smile)

But remember what I've been saying, people. Plus (ad sponsored) is now the default for all new accounts -- and that should tell us something. (Something I've been saying recently.) LiveJournal is moving toward the majority of their users having ad sponsored accounts (Plus). It's fairly impossible to deny. (And why should they?)

This is a business. People don't run businesses just to be nice. They're out to make money. (duh)

Well, I've seen it coming. I'm not sure if it's going to matter all that much in the long run -- but we'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm entertained that people are far too smart to be fooled into believing this isn't about money! (grin)

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