CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

More Tennis...

Nadal did it -- he won it in five! (Well, obviously he had to go to five to win, considering he was down two-zip at one point...)

I had to watch part of it via PointTracker at the Wimbledon website, as they went off the match in favor of showing other players. (sigh)

It was looking pretty grim for a time, but they both won -- so now they face off in the next match! (I gacked some images from the Wimbledon site -- so I can make some tennis icons if I want... Or new ones for Marilyn, if she wants!)

Okay, and I've got the recycling bins in, the garbage can put away, part of the decos up, the list ready for Costco -- and I'm suitably groomed and ready to go. (grin)

I also made a pot of coffee (haven't had a cup yet) and am eating some blueberry yogurt.

I need to stick with the plan at Costco -- and not veer off on some random item.

Embarrassingly enough, I grabbed an 'impulse item' at the store last night -- a small can of hairspray (the Sebastian line). Think tiny enough to fit in your hand here. It ended up being a $10 impulse! I was stunned. (I was thinking under $2 when I picked it up last minute...)

Red face, friends. Serious red face! I'm so sick about it that I'm taking it back today (come hell or high water). Tell me I'm not the only idiot that has bought something without knowing the price, only to being shocked to hear what it is...

No. We can't afford a ten dollar can of hairspray that's probably got three applications inside!

I think Sue's here! Later.

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Tags: 2006, june-2006, nadal, tennis

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