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(Partial) 'Day of Beauty' -- Events Staff Barbeque

I started out the day with a (partial) 'Day of Beauty' -- which means that though I already colored my hair yesterday (roots), I added this 'plum' colored mousse ('Chilled Plum' -- 'Color Pulse') on top. (A L'Oreal product.) It adds a lovely 'punch' to the way it looks. (grin)

(And I frankly don't give a damn what age individual this was geared toward...)

Then I used Veet on my legs.

After that I took a nice shower to wash out the color -- and get the rest of the Veet off my (poor stinging) legs.

Then I did some facial hair removal. (ugh) I'm not at all bothered by plucking, but I also have one of those tiny pen-like shavers that I employ.

Next I put on a 'bottle' tanning product. (I've been pretty pale recently, though I did get a shot of sun over the weekend, actually.)

I'll probably partially dry my hair, then let it finish drying without the hair dryer. It ends up a mass of curls when I do that. (smile)

Yesterday I rode my bike (yes, in the heat) over to the liquor store to get a fifth of Tequila and two large bottles of Margarita mix. We also have this clever bottle of Margarita salt in multiple colors that we purchased some time back. Those (along with some chips from Tom, yet again) will be our contribution to the barbeque this afternoon/evening over at Jenny's.

It's wonderful of Jenny to have this function for the Events Staff at her place! Good for her. (Stepping up as a manager is how Marilyn mistressmarilyn would put it, I imagine.) It should be fun.

As for my summer-related tasks here at home, I need to get out and finish spraying our fountain so we can fill it this weekend! (And I need to test the pump and thread it back in, which is a bitch of a task...) We've already sprayed it twice, so it just needs some finishing touches.

I'd also like to tackle the last of the really bad moss on the brick of our patio. And I need to put the table cloths on the picnic table, too. (And pick up a bit.)

That's really about all -- except that Marilyn and I plan to buy the last of our flowers (plus some new pots) -- on Sunday. Then we'll finish up the last of the planting.

I can't wait to take photos of the year this year! Things look so nice back there already!

Oh. Got my manicure last Friday. I had a 'green' nail (my manicurist thought it was mostly a stress-related green), so I did a color (rather than a French) this time. And I need a pedicure in the worst way!!!

Yes. Marilyn and I are 'on a mission' about getting our weight down and getting back in shape. I was glad to ride my bike twice yesterday, for the exercise element...

Summer. How I love it! (Even if we have been having record high heat recently. I plan to write more about that soon.)

Anyway, we've worked hard (very hard) this year. Maybe harder than any previous year, in fact. So now it's time to have some fun and enjoy ourselves. Sounds like a plan! (smile)

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