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Web Calendars, Anyone?

One of the things I'd told my sister Sue was that we were going to incorporate a calendar (or several) into our family website that I'm finally starting work on.

Of course, I did that without actually investigating calendars -- and how difficult they might be to use! (smile)

I hunted and hunted. Most were simply not do-able. Why? Because if I want Sue to be able to use it, it needs to be simple to learn, simple to access and simple to update.

I found it!

And I'm spreading the word, seeing as it's just a fabulous site.

Easy to set up an account -- which is free -- easy to create a calendar, or several. I've made five of them today. (grin) And very easy to use!

Click HERE to view our 'main' calendar. (The exciting thing is the ability to have that main, over-all calendar -- but to also have individual calendars! And to be able to make an entry in two calendars -- say the individual and the main one -- at the same time.)

Those interested in getting a calendar (or calendars) of their own can do so HERE.

I think you'll be as glad as I am if you get one!

Just imagine telling family and where to look to see what you're going to be 'up to' at any given time!

As you can set up 'groups' for viewing (rather than public access), you could even include important info, like phone numbers, hotel room numbers, etc. The possibilities are mind-boggling!

I'm in heaven.

By the way, I wrote and asked a question and got a near immediate (personal) response! How incredible is that!


And my email was just added to their website comments! How about that? (Gordon Hunt has now emailed me several times. Amazing person! He asked permission before automatically using my comment, too...)

EDIT: This service is no longer FREE. You can get a free 30-day trial without using a credit card. Then the cost starts at $4.95 a month. For a calendar! Sure, I can afford that. No way! (smile)

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