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Petition at LiveJournal!

I hope you, too, will consider signing this!

(Click me!)

Note: For signing at this point you can head directly to the Part Two page. But you'll probably want to read the above link, too. (smile)

Look, I've been supportive of some of the changes, which I feel are long overdue.

But when you suggest that LJ might become "...a more 'youth' orientated atmosphere...", then you've really pushed one of my hot buttons! (Translate that as 'seeing red big time,' friends...)

And please note that I've had a journal here since June of 2002 (often paid). I'm not a newbie to LJ, even if I don't have thousands of posts in my personal journal...

Spread the word!!!

Edit: And here's my comment to Katie's post, for those interested...

(And many thanks to Katie katiefoolery for sharing this in her journal, so I could post about it!)

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