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Having added three new tutorials today (on page numbering in Word, finding your computer IP in Windows XP and how to fry zucchini and tomatoes), I finally went in and added some people who had requested membership at cmc_tutorials! (Yes, it's about time! Sorry if you're one of those people who has been 'waiting on me' for ages...)

You can see how random those tutorials are, by the way!

Microsoft Word continues to baffle and annoy me, after years of using it. I used to be pretty damned good with WordPerfect back when -- and even taught it at one point. I could rock the world with my macros... I miss those days! (sigh) But Word has issues -- and I get stubborn when dealing with them! Anyway, as I learn random things, I intend to include them for my own benefit -- and anyone else who might have a need or interest. (smile)

The thing about locating your individual computer IP in Windows XP comes up now and then. (Usually when I'm helping someone set up a home network.) In the old days I knew DOS commands pretty well -- and by heart, too. But that was because I used them all the time! Now I do things so infrequently that I have a hard time recalling how. And I have so many pads and books full of notes around this house, there's no better place for me to 'store' the info than right here at LJ. (Happy dance.)

Tags: 2006, june-2006

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