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Playing Catch-up!

So many things to do that it's hard to know where to start! (smile)

I've been trying to grapple with my email inbox, currently creeping up toward 600 emails! (sigh) I tend to let it go during the festival. Many of the emails are festival-specific -- or script-specific. I find filing those during festival just tends to confuse me, for whatever reason. (Who'd believe I find it easier to just dig through hundreds of emails in my inbox, rather than file them where they're quick to find? It's true!)

I'd also like to try to organize my hard drives on my computer. And finally use that new external hard drive to back up both my computer and Marilyn's mistressmarilyn! (I mean, why did I get it if we're not going to use it?) I just haven't had time or engery to focus on learning how, frankly. (smile)

I also want to organize at least part of my saved images, work on some tutorials for the PSP communities, finally tackle my cmc_tutorials community (that will have a mishmash of tutorials, it appears) and on and on...

For that matter, I'd like to try riding my new bike!!! (Well, it's not 'new' -- but it's new for me!) This year I am going to finally buy that new-style bike helmet I've talked about for so long...

And we want to tackle cleaning the surface of our deck, work in the back yard and on and on. I'd love to start having people over more (one of my Resolutions for this year). Marilyn and I discussed it, as our parents were constantly having people over when we were kids -- and they never let a messy house or lack of funds stop them. As Marilyn says, hospitality isn't about those things.

Marilyn just ordered this book:

Miracle in the Andes
(click me for a link to buy!)

We recently heard Nando Parrado discussing the book -- and his experiences -- on the radio. He was an intelligent and fascinating man and we were both impressed by him. Can't wait to read it! (Or as Marilyn said while ordering the book, "They'll be pleased to see me buying something again. It's been a few weeks...")


(Yes, we're shopaholics. So?)

I'm digressing! (grin) Anyway, while cleaning out my NoteTab, I forced myself to write a couple more tutorials. (A good way to keep all this information that floats around my home somewhere that I can find it when I need it -- hopefully!) I need to let some more people who've asked join up... (Bad moderator. Bad.)

I. Need. Coffee!

Tomorrow is on-site registration for Arts. I'm looking forward to it! (I hope it doesn't rain, but I'll live if it does...)

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