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Update -- Festival, 2006...

So many things to share -- and I'm too lazy to share them right now. (smile) Anyway, it's past midnight and we're about to have a treat and head to bed. (More festival to come, after all...)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn was actually recorded in the Command Post on Saturday by the Oregonian for their website! (I can't imagine her having to take time right during the parade for that, but she did. You go, Marilyn!) But it's up in a flash popup window, so I'm not going to bother sharing the link here. What I will share is the animation I created based on the 'slideshow' of images they share during the 'sound bite.'

GFP 2006
(you might want to click me...)

I have newspaper articles I still want to share and loads of other things...

Oh. And Marilyn's boyfriend Ed dropped a few notches around here on Sunday after he phoned. I think I was a bit bitchy with him, but it wasn't intentional. I'd just been on the phone moments before with someone from KGW, so I was answering in total 'business mode' (I think I even said, "hello, this is Charlie" -- like I do at work or on my cell sometimes).

He was pretty 'odd' sounding when I asked "may I tell her who is calling?" -- while carrying the phone to Marilyn. And then he actually asked her what she was doing (!!!). Apparently he wanted her to go somewhere with him. (Right. On the Sunday after the parade! Did it occur to him to say, "How did things go yesterday with your two events?" Idiot.)

Naturally, she says (more than once, mind you) that she's working -- and that the festival isn't over for another week. (Okay, is it ridiculous for us to expect the people close to us to actually be aware of that fact? No, friends. Things aren't over the minute the parade exits the streets of Portland... Thankfully our sister Sue totally 'got it' and was very supportive!!!)

Marilyn thinks she might have been bitchy to him, too. No surprise, considering. She felt bad about it, but on the other hand was annoyed. (Get with it, Ed!)

Did I mention that her boyfriend Tom scored again, though? He brought us another fabulous big box of Frito products! Yes, we've been eating them -- and loads of other such stuff. Heck, it's festival time. We'll 'eat right' when it's all over!

That's it for now... More tomorrow (I hope).


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