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Update -- Day Before Parade!

Yes, I'm supposed to be asleep. I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep again, so I'm here instead. Go figure!

Things have gone pretty much as planned today. In to the office to finish up all the last minute things that needed doing. Packed up the main 'boxes' (portable file cases) that go in the Command Post with permits, maps, lineups, scripts, ops instructions, etc., etc. (All sorted neatly into files and into various hanging files.) That meant some printing out from the computer and making of copies on the not-very-cooperative-new-copy-machine...

We hauled the float numbers (on big, gold diamonds -- mounted on large wooden stands) over to the float barn. Hats that are yet to be handed out are bagged and counted and in a bin in the car. The Queen's Crown (fancy version) is in its box -- and currently in our living room.

I have yet to do my personal clipboard, but we did get Marilyn's mistressmarilyn done! We're about an hour from leaving the house to join up with the Street Team to visit part of the parade route and hand out goodies. (The Street Team is a wonderful new wrinkle this year that I've yet to discuss in my journal...)

I threw some water bottles into the fridge when we got home. I'm already thinking about how I'll want cold water when I'm out on the ramp tomorrow morning... (smile)

Marilyn's boyfriend Tom came through for us again, by the way! He delivered another huge box of Frito goodies that was waiting on the porch when we got home from a quick stop for food at McDonalds. (Yes. Today is '$1.00 Filet-O-Fish sandwich Friday' -- so that's what we had! Quick and yummy -- and cheap!) I think I'll haul along a bag full (of Frito stuff, that is) for the Command Post people.

Filet-O-Fish sandwich   Cheetos Puffs

This morning I forgot to take in my 'Goodie Bags' for the front desk (phone receptionists) that I give them daily during the festival! Darn. I usually forget at least once -- and then double up the next day. But on the day before the parade??? That bugged. (smile) Oh well, they both understood...

Sister Sue took me to G.I. Joe's yesterday so I could get the (very popular) 'uniform' pants I've been wanting this year! Perfect color and light-weight -- the cool thing is that they can zip off from full length to create shorts. Woo hoo. (A bunch of staff members have been wearing them.) I plan to wear my red tee with the big white logo on front -- with my vest! (Such a rebel.) Plus the wonderful around-the-waist water bottle holder, of course!

I 'visited' with digs (dignataries) from Fiesta for some time today, talking 'shop.' That was enjoyable, actually. (Maybe it takes other events people to understand events people... ???)

Scarlett seems to be holding up to our weird schedule rather well, to tell the truth! She's happy when we're home, though. (Poor, lonely baby!)

Unfortunately, most people still don't get it. (sigh) I've been getting emails that congratulate us on 'one more day' (right) before things are 'back to normal.'

Um, right. Or as I said in reply to one such note: 'One more day -- plus another important day (Sunday)... plus one more week that includes another events weekend, with our Arts Festival!'

(Arts runs Friday-Sunday.) Oh well. There's no use bothering to bring it up year after year after year, I guess. Some people will never 'get it.'

Hey, but July is just around the corner -- and vacation! We plan to hang around home and work in the yard and sleep in and just enjoy ourselves. (grin)

Well, time to get ready to hit the road soon.

After the Street Team gig, we'll come back here briefly to pack the car. Then head out to buy bags of ice and go on site! The big day will be here.

Yeah, I do think we'll go down to Waterfront Village after the parade for the Centennial happenings -- and to check things out. The fleet is here in force this year -- and Navy restrictions have been lowered a ton for the first time since 9/11! Today we saw people flocking down to see the ships! Hurray!

The weather forecast isn't bad at all. (Keep your fingers crossed for us...)

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