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Quick, quick, UPDATE! (Junior Parade day...)

I was at the office this morning before 7:00 a.m. -- Marilyn mistressmarilyn dropped me a couple blocks away as she hurried off to her big parade-slash-coronation meeting! And we both worked through without a break until 6:30 -- when we headed home, picked up our sister Sue and went directly to the float manufacturer for the reception they were holding. We then proceeded to walk all over the various float warehouses, admiring the float creation process and the close-to-done floats for Saturday's big parade!

By that time Sue had actually driven in the Junior Parade (earlier in the day), something I must admit I would never had imagined would ever happen prior to her gastric bypass surgery! She had a great time, too.

Most of the staff was over at the parade today, so the two women at the front desk, the director of finance and we two 'held down the fort' for much of the day at the office. It was freaky quiet for much of the day (!!!) -- except for the unending ringing of the phones, of course. (Those phones were something else first thing in the morning, by the way! The regular receptionist had a doctor's appointment, so it was the seasonal girl with help from Amy G. -- and me jumping in to answer questions when I was able.

Thankfully Marilyn was back around 9:30 (I think???), and during the actual parade even the phones quieted down...

Marilyn even took her annual turn at the front desk doing the phones -- something she tries to do every year. I love it that she's willing to do that, by the way -- even on a crazy day like today was!

There were still projects to do when we took off, but what the hell. Hopefully the float judging books (that I worked on much of the day) got finished up correctly, as they are being picked up first thing tomorrow morning. (This morning, to be more accurate!)

And, yes -- I did wake up around 2 a.m. and do the weekly garbage and recycling. Just finished it up, as a matter of fact. (I had a bitch of a time getting up, though. We'd both conked out around 10:00 when we were finally home and changed out of our work clothes, and I allowed myself to have two small glasses of wine over at the float warehouse... (I kept waking halfway up and trying to drag my sorry ass out to get the job done!)

I never mentioned that Marilyn's boyfriend Tom scored (big time) with the most recent big box of Frito products!!! No Cheetos (sigh) -- but that wasn't his fault. Yes, the folks at the office still were 'reminding me' that Cheetos are a fave, even though I explained he didn't have access! (smile)

But there were loads of other goodies, and the staff has plowed through the chips we hauled in! (Everybody is always starving around there!) And I loved the new 'mix' coated in cheese (need to look at the 'official' name) that was included -- and don't think I shared many of those bags at the office! (grin)

Scarlett is in my lap purring now. She howled the entire time I was in and out! Hates it when I go outside...

Well, it's now just past 3 a.m., so I need to head to bed shortly. Another big day is looming!

I doubt we'll sleep at all Friday night. We need to be on site by 5 a.m. this year for coronation rehearsal -- and generally are out on the route around midnight the night before (Friday). That doesn't leave much time for getting home and trying to sleep! Plus we'll need to get things ready to go with us, so...

The weather has remained great -- as has the media! (I think this is the best media coverage we've ever had that I can remember...) Things are going really great, frankly.

I still have a couple of 'back' entries I need to finish up and post. Just too busy to get them in here! (But I don't want to let them slide entirely...)

Apologies that I've been M.I.A. here lately. I've tried to do a few moderation duties, but beyond that I've hardly commented to anyone! (My bad, I know.) I'll be back at it the week after next, I'm sure!

(Hugs to all my friends... I hope life is treating you well!)

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