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Whacky Tutorial! (smile)

Okay, so I post whatever I feel like posting to cmc_tutorials. It's one of those 'it's my community and I can do whatever I want' sort of situations. (grin)

So when a friend was asking about finger waves -- and I took time to write out the steps -- I decided to post it to the community. Basically just for the heck of it. (Maybe some day another person will want to know how it's done!)

Don't know what a finger wave is?

finger waves

You're looking at several here!

These aren't really the best finger waves I've ever seen, really, but at least I already had this image loaded in my Scrapbook here at LJ. (smile)

Okay, so not too many people are going to expect a tutorial on how to make finger waves, but like I said above...

Right. You already got it. (grin)

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