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Alarm. (drat)

Maybe I should have called this entry 'Alarming.' (smile)

Brian and Ira came out to the house to get the green recliner (chair from our living room) for their film offices. In their own building, not at the association office, just for the record. (Oh! And I took photos of it, so at some point I think I'll put some with this entry...)

Then they brought me back here, to the (empty) office.

And I proceeded to set off the alarm. (yikes)

Yes, I had the code, but it didn't work. Well, the system works different than the one we have at home on our house, so I goofed. I've never had to do it myself before, clearly... (Funny, I thought I had, but obviously not!)

Anyway, I did manage to reach Marilyn mistressmarilyn and get the info and phone the security company before they sent out the cops, anyway. That would have been just dandy! (sigh)

Alarming! (grin)

I'm here in a totally quiet and empty office, and though I have work to do, I'm sitting here reading my journal and posting this entry... (grin) Typical, huh? Well, we'll need to tackle Marilyn's ops work when she gets back -- and probably end up being here quite late, too. (I'm getting used to that, though...)

Brian and Ira are a hoot! They're just so much fun to hang out with. And Ira is a genius, but doesn't hit you over the head with it. (Reminds me of Marilyn, frankly, who rarely ever admits that she's as smart as she is...)

Ira told me some interesting things about anonymous browsing, Ethernet addresses and so on. I'm curious to put some of that info to work. But I doubt I'll be doing any tutorials on it anytime soon -- I'm far from the 'brains' that he is! (grin)

Got us started talking about recent decisions that are keeping the internet in those 'wild, wild, west' days (as Marilyn and I like to call them). The government knows too much about my business -- and yours -- as it is! (smile)

Ira told me about (yet another)_'blog' he's started -- this time a 'watchdog' blog that he says is really taking off. (Such a sweet guy!)

It's hard not to love Brian and Ira. Seriously! They feel like good friends -- or even family. (And I've only been around them a few times to date.)

Yes, I have an entry I want to post for May 25, but I haven't done it yet! I'll get to it though, as there are several things I need to mention.

I got a bit pissed off (excuse the language) by a recent comment at one of the PSP communities. I might need to post a friends only entry and share. (I don't like to dwell on the negative, but this just burned me...) It was sort of amusing, considering I've been still trying to answer questions posed there, even though I've been pretty tied up with work. (And not going on line much when at home.) Oh well. Most of the members of those three communities are gems -- so if one or two aren't...

Am I getting a dreaded bladder infection? I hope not! (Hate those -- and used to be really prone to them as a child.) I immediately downed a bunch of cranberry pills, so we'll see what happens. There's certainly no time to go to the doctor right now! It's uncomfortable, but it won't kill me, of course...

I'd love to find time to keep up better with my friends. I've been trying, but I don't know how well I'm suceeding!

I painted the 'big key' gold last night. (And managed not to mess up my new manicure too badly.) We're using it as a prop for the Opening Ceremony on Thursday night. (It could use something more, but I'll worry about that when we get home.)

This entry is now long enough, so I'll stop for now. Maybe I can add another (spam?) later...

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