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Frazzled Update

The hyster guy for Grand Floral did not phone me back today. (boo hoo) He's pretty good, though, so I'm sure he'll phone tomorrow...

Of course, I need to work at home tomorrow, so they'll need to direct him to that phone number, or my cell. (I think I gave him that, though.)

The Mayor's assistant didn't get back to me today, either. (I was literally carrying my cell around everywhere, just in case. But no go.) We'd like to confirm if his security people will be attending the parades or no... (Right now the mayor has my cell number to phone if he needs anything, has questions or whatever. I'm not sure how that happened, exactly, but whatever. I can always pass him along to the person he really needs to be talking to, if anything comes up.)

Repeat after me: "Charlie is a volunteer. Charlie is a volunteer." Well, I'm honored to be such a trusted volunteer, clearly... (smile)

However, on the scripting front, I'm close to done. (Yes, I do get paid for that job.) For all intents and purposes it's pretty much finished, although now the Marketing Department is reading it over and making some sponsor-related tweaks. Plus there were a couple of last minute additions (it's a political thing) -- and I've yet to get a few bits and pieces of info for certain entries. (sigh)

And speaking of scripting, I've been given some really awful copy from various people this year. I have to admit I rarely stay verbatim unless it's an absolute must to please one of our sponsors, because what most people forget is that scripts are made to be read out loud. It's an entirely different form of writing for exactly that reason. So I spend ages reading my own copy out loud, to be sure it's not impossible to read it -- and do so easily and well -- during the actual parade.

I'll be drafting and submitting my payment letter, anyway, so they can submit a check request. The sooner that's done, the sooner I get paid. (grin)

I've had some nice compliments about the quality of my script writing this year, for whatever reason. That's always cool. (Plus another script writer had read my NaNo excerpt. She emailed me and said: "You're a good writer!" That was a nice surprise, too...)

Script writing is really, really far from brain surgery. Marilyn mistressmarilyn writes several of them for the festival. (She's getting quite a few compliments for her Coronation script, actually.) And it's not like writing a novel or fanfic, because the moment the event is over the script can be tossed in the garbage -- it's history! (smile) Oh -- do note that I'm not talking scripts for movies, stage plays and TV here -- which can end up being used more than once. But I'm not exclusively talking about just parade scripts, either. Maybe I should say something like scripts for special events...

Well, regardless, these sorts of scripts are essential to a given event -- so for that one moment in time they are a big deal.

One of these days I'll talk about it more, but I'll do a 'friends only' entry. I wouldn't want anyone to 'stumble' across it and find it too irreverent! (grin) But I have some rather appropos comments that need to be made!

Marilyn's out with the Executive Director for a drink so they can catch up with one another and discuss things that can't be discussed in front of others. When she gets back we're going to (again) tackle the Ops packets for Coronation -- hopefully getting them out before we head to...

"The Boondock Saints" - Special Showing on May 22

Can't wait! (grin)

Marilyn sent an email around the office inviting others to join us, but several people here had never even heard of it! (shock) I can't imagine! So I guess it'll just be us. (And maybe Joey fatjoey.)

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