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Seven O'Clock -- My Day is Close to Over...

I wonder how late Marilyn mistressmarilyn will end up working? (She's done several 12-hour days this week.)

Frankly, this has been a killer week. And we're working tomorrow and have an event (Duathlon) on Sunday. So we need to really try and get to bed at a decent hour tonight!

The sunshine went 'away' today. We've been in the 80's all week, but right now it's around 63'. But humid as hell! (I still had to run the air conditioners...)

Besides working a tiny bit on the (almost done) script, I also did work on the parade maps. (Need to do some more tonight, actually!)

I also did a load of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, scrubbed the kitchen floor, scrubbed Marilyn's bathroom floor (four times -- seriously), made my Curry Chicken soup for dinner and just finished making salmon patties, too. I also watered all the inside plants and did a little bit of yard work.

Or as Marilyn always says, "The more you do, the more you can do."

How true is that?

Oh. And I answered some questions at l_j_for_dummies and psp8_fun, too. (I think I mentioned that earlier...)

My official 'deadline' for the script is next Tuesday (May 23). I should be done with no trouble. More on that later tonight. I need to check on dinner!

(Yes, I did have a beer...)

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