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Changes... Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes! (At LJ, that is!)

Wow. What a difference a couple of days away makes, I guess! I know I've been busy with RL, but I didn't expect LiveJournal to be totally changed around when I came back. (smile)

The great thing lately has been how fast LJ Support has been in responding to the questions I've asked. Seriously. (No, I'm not slamming them at all -- even a little bit.)

If you haven't been there lately, the old Personal Info page (that went to the link has been changed.

You now end up at the Edit Profile (via a new link -- though the old link redirects there, too) page.

I have to admit I'm personally pleased by the changes -- quite an improvement over where we used to go! If you're logged in, try clicking the above link and see for yourself...

Because of my involvement at l_j_for_dummies (as an assistant moderator), I've helped 'track down' some interesting things recently. Like the Change Settings - title page (for setting the title of your journal) and the Change Settings - editor page (for turning on and off the 'Rich Text editor').

Yes, I'm inordinately proud of myself when I manage to answer the questions posed there. So sue me! It harkens back -- yet again -- to my constant urge to help others and to teach and tutor, I guess. (smile)

Interestingly enough, this is a case where I'm not in that 'if it's not broken don't fix it' mode -- because I feel these are improvements here at LJ that will make a real difference for all users. And that includes the Newbie, as well as those who've been here for a spell. Go LJ!

Anyway, I need to work on maps for Marilyn mistressmarilyn, so I'd better get back to it. (I was down in her bathroom on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor free of slippery hairspray residue, but I'd taken a break from that. It kills my poor knees, as the floor under her nice linoleum is concrete! I still need to tackle that, but I'm thinking a mop with a scrubber edge might be a big help... Oh! And Kittie Scarlett was a delightful help, by the way.)

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