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Teaching the Computer is Fun. (Not so much.)

For the record, I actually started this entry yesterday -- but got too busy to finish it. So I decided instead of letting it go the way I have with tons of other 'half-written' posts, I'd actually complete it and post it today. Is this another new leaf I'm turning over? Shocking! (smile)

So, the current (?) consensus appears to be that I can be 'impatient' when teaching the computer to others. So I guess the question would be...

...why do I do it?

Yes, I do honesly love to teach -- and sincerely enjoy helping others. But why bother if it's not going to be a good thing for both student (those others) and teacher (meaning me)?

Of course I think it goes without saying that I don't mean to be impatient -- yet clearly I am. Hey, can you tell that I don't even realize that's the way others view me? (grin) Anyway, I think my teaching style really works best via tutorials. So that means I certainly won't quit writing those!

There are numerous positive aspects to the tutorial (written) teaching form. I think the most positive thing is that it allows others to work independently -- and at their own speed.

The down side is...Collapse )

Yes -- I love to learn new things, too! I guess I'm all over every aspect of the educational experience -- not just the teaching part.

On that note, I must get back to work.

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