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Teaching the Computer is Fun. (Not so much.)

For the record, I actually started this entry yesterday -- but got too busy to finish it. So I decided instead of letting it go the way I have with tons of other 'half-written' posts, I'd actually complete it and post it today. Is this another new leaf I'm turning over? Shocking! (smile)

So, the current (?) consensus appears to be that I can be 'impatient' when teaching the computer to others. So I guess the question would be...

...why do I do it?

Yes, I do honesly love to teach -- and sincerely enjoy helping others. But why bother if it's not going to be a good thing for both student (those others) and teacher (meaning me)?

Of course I think it goes without saying that I don't mean to be impatient -- yet clearly I am. Hey, can you tell that I don't even realize that's the way others view me? (grin) Anyway, I think my teaching style really works best via tutorials. So that means I certainly won't quit writing those!

There are numerous positive aspects to the tutorial (written) teaching form. I think the most positive thing is that it allows others to work independently -- and at their own speed.

The down side is that the individual needs to be willing to read the tutorial in the first place. I know so many people who are unwilling to read in order to learn how to do something. It's difficult for me to relate, because I loved the days when all softwares, etc. had manuals to refer to!

Personally I find my least enjoyable form of learning to be via forums. Forums haven't got the 'memories' or 'tags' features that we have here at LiveJournal, so that means spending (read that as wasting) tons of time digging around to see if your question/s have been addressed previously. (ugh)

Yes, I'd agree that many (if not most) manuals are poorly written. Plus you have to be willing to go out and select a manual and then purchase it. (I've been there many, many times. I hate it when I spend quite a bit on a manual only to discover it sucks and I've wasted my $$$.)

Say, I must mention that I really miss writing tutorials when I'm too busy to do so -- so that's a clear sign of how much I enjoy them! Don't you think? (smile)

But you know, lots of times the tutorials I write are equally helpful for me, too. They remind me what steps I've takens to accomplish a given graphics effect in PSP, or how to do some certain thing on the computer. They help me remember what to do here at LiveJournal and so on.

Basically I've been teaching one thing or another to others since I was a kid. I taught Marilyn mistressmarilyn cursive writing when she was in the first grade -- and it almost got her into a load of trouble at the time. (smile) But most times my 'teaching' has had positive results!

This desire and ability to teach made my mother sure that I should be a teacher -- something I resisted as hard as I could. I'm not sure why, now, considering I love people of all ages -- including children -- and so enjoy the entire experience of both teaching and learning. (Mom would undoubtedly be delighted to hear me admit that I should have at least considered being a school teacher as a career. (Sorry, Mom!)

Teaching is a great thing -- and so is learning, by the way!

Yes -- I love to learn new things, too! I guess I'm all over every aspect of the educational experience -- not just the teaching part.

On that note, I must get back to work.

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