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Yes. We Voted!

Either I'm going to take my bike out and deliver the ballots, or we'll do it by car when Marilyn mistressmarilyn (finally) gets off work today...

Talk about going down to the wire! (whew)

We'd planned to do it over the weekend, but it was a pretty busy weekend! (smile)

Oh! And I've wrapped every individual gift (only one in tissue paper) for my friend Sandy -- and have the box packed, taped up, labeled and ready to mail! So if I can get it over to the post office today, she might even get it early. (Shock of shocks!) This is the friend I months late sending her Christmas package. (sigh) Anyway, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf here!

So I guess the first thing I'll do when I get my bike out is go mail this. Go me! (smile)

I had a misunderstanding with a friend today that got blown out of porportion. At the end of a phone conversation our phones cut out, so we both thought the other had hung up abruptly. (Not a good thing.)

Anyway, as I generally do, I apologized fairly quickly after. (Though not for hanging up, as that's not something I'd ever do. I find that behavior rude, immature and unkind -- and I saw it all through life with my mom, who did it quite often.) I'm usually willing to apologize, because I figure I'm at least partly to blame if something goes amiss. (Which is even true for those times I don't feel the major fault is mine.) Life is too short to stay upset with friends when an apology could make things right again. That's how I feel, anyway!

My friend seems to be waiting to respond to the apology, so I've had that hanging over my head most of the day. (sigh)

As an aside I'll mention that I've been concerned something is bothering her lately -- something that has nothing to do with me. Just last week while we were talking on the phone she went off on her husband -- and I'd never heard her speak that way about him before. She was so angry! So it's possible something is going on. Maybe she's currently off her meds (for depression), not feeling well or something else... She usually will tell me such things, but I've been so busy lately that she might not have had the chance.

Well, I'm going to quit for now and take that bike ride. I need the exercise and think it would be good for me. Even if it's a bit of a bitch outside. Hot! It was only supposed to be 80' today, but it's already 85' now -- and supposed to at least hit 86'. (Yes, it was in the 90's yesterday. We're simply not used to that sort of heat here in Portland in mid-May!)

So, I'll go to the post office and see if I still feel like going to the library after that...

Then I'd better get my ass home here and back to work! Seriously. At least I spoke to two of the band directors I've been trying to reach, so that's the good news...

You know what? I still think this is a good day. I'm not going to let a few things ruin an entire day. It's not worth it.

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