CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Quick Update!

Can you say (and think) crazy?

Double it. Naw, triple it. Say it faster, too. (grin)

That's what it's like here at the festival office right now!

I seriously don't know how Marilyn mistressmarilyn does it... One day in here after many away reminds me of how you can't know unless you are here. Wacky.

Brought in the last of the chips from Tom today and the staff fell on them like locusts and devoured them! (smile) That's also a trend around here -- to eat anything and everything!

I'm taking a quick minute to update while I wait for Marilyn to finish up some tasks so we can head out to the annual Equestrian Clinic (or whatever they officially call it now). It's in Canby, so it's around a half hour drive from here...

The office is finally quieting down as we head to 7:00 p.m. -- though there are still people here working. (It seems almost like there are always people here!)


Poor Kittie Scarlett! She must be missing us like mad.

Gotta dash -- we're off!


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