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Cyber -- and LJ -- Definitions

Yes!!! You can help. Please! (And thank you in advance!)

As many of my LJ friends know, I've been involved in one of the (many) on line defintions projects, specifically a really fun Fanfic Definitions project. (I interacted via email with some people I'd never really known previously, so it was a pleasant experience...)

(By the way, if you're interested the above link will take you to the version Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I share at our own slash website. I think it's the latest one, but to be honest, I'm not 100% sure!)

All of us here tend to fall into the habit of using various types of cyber-speak. Like 'LOL' for 'Laugh Out Loud' (designed to indicate smiling and laughter in our 'voices' when we type something). Nothing wrong with that...

Except when there are people who don't know what a given 'term' stands for, that is!

I, for one, am not out to make anyone else feel excluded -- as if my cyber activities are designed for only a saavy and 'with it' group of individuals. (That's why I got involved in the fandom definitions project in the first place. I want to do whatever I can to make sure other people don't feel left out -- and to help them understand terms they're not familiar with.)

Actually, I don't think anyone uses these cyber -- or LJ -- specific terms with the intent to leave others on the outside. (At least, I don't believe people do!) But we all forget that not everyone who reads our journals knows what 'TMI' stands for (for example).

As a matter of fact, I used the term in a recent post, confusing one of my own LJ friends! Very inconsiderate...

The same friends who worked with me on the above (on-going) project have always intended to do a list of cyber definitions that could be shared here at LJ. But you know how it goes! You get wrapped up in other things and let it slide...

Besides, we were having trouble locating the definitions for some terms!

And this is where you come in!


I don't care how obvious a term might be -- I'd love to have you share it with me. Add this entry to your own memories. Comment whenever a term occurs to you. Or toss it into one of your own entries. (I will admit, though, that I don't always catch every entry my friends write, so that's not always the best way to catch my eye. And especially this time of year when I'm really busy... My bad!) Email works, by the way! I can be reached at: charliemc @ (remove the blanks around @)

Off hand I recall that we were searching around for the meaning to these terms:


I do see a lot of you using these, so I assume you must know what the terms mean... (smile)

But I know there are tons of others, too!

I'd like to link this for the l_j_for_dummies community. But just put it somewhere anyone could link here at LJ...

I'll send many cyber hugs and good wishes your way if you can help! (grin)

Oh. And for anyone reading who doesn't know, 'TMI' stands for 'too much information.' (This is a term I've taken to using all the time in RL -- oops, means 'real life' -- so much so that I'm constantly explaining what it means... With that in mind, I obviously shouldn't assume all my friends here at LJ know it, now should I?)


I must get back to work now!

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