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The Flu.

This is going to be TMI, friends. I'd encourage only brave souls to go under the cut.


Marilyn mistressmarilyn felt 'a little punk' much of last week. No. It certainly didn't stop her from working long (hard) hours Monday through Friday. By Friday she felt pretty bad and had the runs. (Thankfully after the Vista House experience!)

Good thing we decided not to go see MI:3 Friday night. (grin)

We'd also talked about going in to the office over the weekend -- but we didn't end up doing that. Marilyn reasoned out that it would be our last weekend off until the end of June. Considering she did feel well, it made sense to stay home, which we did.

Anyway, she slept much of Saturday. But it didn't keep us from going to see MI:3 that day! (More on the movie soon.)

Sunday was a fairly lazy day. We didn't even go grocery shopping...

Marilyn had those flu aches and pains and felt pretty lousy. Headache, pains in her stomach and so on. But she barely complained, even when I asked her!

Anyway, yesterday I was going along fine -- then suddenly I got the runs, bad. And a headache and my stomach hurt and I had body pains and the whole nine yards. (sigh) Well, I think I did have some hint earlier than that, but I was ignoring it.

On the up side, I did take a nice soak in the tub!

I didn't get much work done, but what the hell. I'll try to make up for it today.

(By the way, I need to get in to the office this week...)

You'd think being sick could have killed my appetite, but no, not really. I had my 'lite' yogurt for breakfast, which I was still eating it at 1:00 p.m. My habit is to stretch it out and eat it v-e-ry s-l-o-w-l-y. (smile) I felt hungry at dinner, and I'd made my homemade chicken curry soup, so Marilyn and I each had two bowls. Very yummy. I guess that's not much to eat in one day...

Oh! I did eat some of the Frito 'Scoops' (from Tom) with the soup! (Tasty combo.)

Anyway, I don't feel 100% today, but that's okay. As Marilyn and I discussed yesterday, being sick rarely keeps us from getting things done. (Even if it's not everything we might get done if we were healthy...) And, no -- being sick doesn't automatically make a day bad, either.

So I'll mention my personal theory about all that again, just to be boring. (grin)

Life is way too short to ever have an entire day that's 'bad.' Better to think that certain moments aren't great -- but not to let that make every moment negative. I've said it many, many times: There are no bad days. And I'm sticking by that!

If a person has a bad day, it's because they let it be one. We have a lot more control over our lives than most of us think.

If we can find reasons to smile and laugh -- even during a rather grim day -- then we're going okay and we'll be okay. Let me try and teach that concept to others, because I feel most philosophies don't manage to convey the idea. (Or as I've often said, anyone can be happy -- but you've got to be willing to work to get there.)



Yeah, I still feel 'peaked' (the second description shown here) today, as we say in my family. But I'll be fine...

Oh. Needless to say, we didn't have our beer we'd planned to have over the weekend... (sigh) But maybe one night this week. (Doubtful, with the current schedule!)

Well, I'm going to try coffee. And maybe another yogurt, too. (Ooo, live dangerously!) I need to go to the post office, no matter what. Fortunately it's a much nicer day today! (Yesterday was gray and cool. The house was so cold I actually fired the furnace!)

Forgot to mention -- Marilyn did a radio interview that played last Friday! While we were driving up to Corbett, she was switching stations around and we just missed hearing it. Darn! (Yes, yes. She does them a lot during season and I've heard tons in the past. But that's not the point. I like to catch them all, if possible. She always does such a great job. There will be many more, soon enough...)

Marilyn just phoned from her cell. The (early) meeting went well, she said, which is good news. We talked about the 'every day is a good day' thing, agreeing on the concept. She said our friend Sue (not sister Sue) -- who is on the board -- mentioned that 'no moss grows on Marilyn.' Well said!

Anyway, I need to get to work now...

I only got one doll yesterday! Boo hoo. (smile)

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