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Quickly! Yesterday at Vista House...

We're getting ready to head out to see "Mission Impossible: III."

No, thanks, I don't not want to hear about it if you hate Tom Cruise or his films -- nor if you think it's a big waste of my time. I like the MI movies and think it's perfectly fine to enjoy action/adventure fluff from time to time... (I had a parting-of-the-ways with one of the guys at work yesterday on this subject.)


Edit: I think 'parting-of-the-ways' sounds too strong, clearly. I just mean we were of differing opinions. (Anyway, his anti-Cruise and anti-MI opinions were quite strong, for the record. A bit annoying, but whatever...) All I meant was that we two weren't in agreement. (Or even close.) But certainly not that I'm going to permanently hold this against him. (As if I would...) Sometimes it's hard to convey lightness in an entry.

The Vista House experience was wonderful! I'll post more on it -- in detail -- soon. (And include photos.)

Actually, I took several photos with our digital, but I've been promised more from others who took pictures, too...

The governor did show up, as did a representative from Washington, D.C.

There were two huge cakes -- and guess who got the very first piece? (Yes, it was me!)


What fun, fun, fun we had!

Anyway, have to dash to get ready. I'm really excited to go to the show...

Oh. Donn (my computer tech) phoned to offer 'any help you need, Charlie' just a few minutes ago. (We didn't pick up the phone, so that was the message on the machine.)

We ended up buying that (huge) external USB hard drive, to use for backing up our C: hard drives and the 'My Documents' folders on our D: drives. And, yes, I do know the ':' represents 'drive' -- so typing 'D: drive' is like typing 'D-drive drive.' But it seems to make more sense that way, even so...

Reminds me that I used to be so picky about that when I was teaching computer all the time! (smile)

We were all given Vista House pins -- but they weren't as nice as the special ones we bought ourselves to wear!

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