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Small Artistic Brag...

...just finished adding a fic to our website.

But the fun part was making the banner! I think it just turned out amazingly well. Those interested can view it here.

And if you're a fan of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." -- and slash, of course -- then you might even like reading the pretty graphic fic. (grin)

Anyway, slowly but surely adding fic there. That's two MUNCLE pieces, Marilyn's multi-part Magnum fic, her classic one-of-one SVU fic and my potential series from "The Virginian." There's a lot of graphic sex up so far. What is that telling us? Oh my. (grin)

I need to add some counters and whatnot to the site. And change the splash page! (People need to know about that wonderful site search engine, for example.) But we both knew it was going to take some time when we started...

I want to make a banner for "The Foreman's Fancy," as I think it's deserving! As is "Fromage" for that matter.

Well, it's now 3:30 a.m. and I'm (finally) off to bed!

Ooooooo! I've got an amazing tutorial I want to post to psp7_beginners, hopefully tomorrow. It's doing something people have been dying (well almost) to learn! I finally figured it out!!!

Okay, night all!

(What mood should I put? Artistic? Proud? Good? Happy?)

Tags: 2004,, fic-banner, january-2004, psp7_beginners

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