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Pink Dogwood

So, I never took photos today, I'm afraid...

But our pink dogwood is amazingly beautiful this year! Tons of people have commented and told us how lovely it is.

Here's a small picture from last year. Not a good one, though. (smile) Anyway, picture it with ten times the blossoms! (Okay, so that's an exaggeration. But at least three times the blossoms!)


dogwood tree 2005

I finally reached both Sandy (Hector's wife) and Hector today. We were 'on the list' (to be done today -- Wednesday is our normal day), but the crew was running very, very late. (I needed to check, because we cancelled last week due to the work we were having done.)

They didn't mow us until around 5:00! I honestly can't understand why we always seem to be the last house on their schedule now. (sigh) Anyway, they did a very nice job. (I need to take photos!!!)

I was sorry to hear that Sandy's email is messed up -- but at least I know she wasn't ignoring my last email to her! (No wonder she hasn't picked up any of my recent ecards...) She was harried and unhappy and having her period, poor thing. (I forget sometimes how nice it is not to deal with that anymore.)

So here's what our flower boxes near the deck looked like in 2005. We've got the impatiens planted there (as always), but they're still small at this point. Yes, yes. I need current pictures! (grin)

flower boxes by deck 2005

Back to work!

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