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Vertigo Revisited

So I dug back in my journal and located my first-ever mention of vertigo, back when I didn't know I had it yet. Just a short mention of crackling in my right ear and the dizziness I was having. (That was the entry I posted after my friend Dorothy died. There's a wonderful photo...)

I also discovered the entry where I told about getting my first vertigo diagnosis and meds. (That entry also contains a lengthy discussion about ageism that I thought I'd never bothered to post...)

I really, really need to go back at some point and work on both my tags and my memories here at LJ. It would make it so much easier to find things!

Some time back I started to tag with the month/year and year. Using the calendar view in my layout isn't all that simple, so it's probably easier to just use the tags...

I tag things half to death.

Personally, I wish that clicking on a tag would bring up a list of entries, rather than all the entries that use a given tag. It would be easier for me to use, anyway. (smile)

(I wonder if that would be a good thing to post at suggestions?)

I need to update on the progress with our yard! Including some pictures. But as I haven't taken the pictures yet... (grin)

Back to work!

Tags: 2006, may-2006

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