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Flower Power!

It used to be all the rage when I was a teenager! (grin)

Anyway, I went out around 4 p.m. today and planted flowers and did yard work for literally hours. I got a total of 15 pots dones. (We plant in pots.) No pictures to share, yet. I'll try to get some tomorrow! (One of those 'pots' is a very large oblong bucket, that we put near our fountain.)

Speaking of our fountain, I need to get it cleaned out. (Huge job.) Put the pump back in and get it running again. Uncover all the lawn furniture, scrub down the deck (bigger job), clean off the brick of the patio (big job -- using a wire brush). I doubt any of that will be done soon!

This is the earliest ever we've had flowers in, by the way! We've never before planted in April (as we did on Sunday). Marilyn mistressmarilyn figured out that our earliest planting prior to this year was the first weekend in May...

It feels good to be getting them in the 'ground' (sort of) now, so they'll have more time to get lovely this year! (smile)

Thankfully Hector (our yard man) comes tomorrow! After skipping getting the lawn cut last week so the walk and flower beds could be done, it's got long and shaggy now...

Tags: 2006, flowers, may-2006, planting, yard-work

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