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Marilyn's Presentation -- the Murdock Talks

Tonight Marilyn gave her presentation for the Murdock Talks at the Museum of the Oregon Territory on Tumwater Drive in Oregon City (run by the Clackamas County Historical Society).
She was invited to participate last summer, and we went to see another of the Murdock Talks back in November of 2019 (to get an idea of what it was all about).

Anyway, the Murdock talks is a series of presentations that focus on local and historical topics and feature a wide variety of experts. These are held in the Murdock Gallery (thus the name) of the Museum of the Oregon Territory one Wednesday each month.

She’s done a TON of research for this, as she always does for her various presentations/speeches. And she created a truly remarkable PowerPoint presentation to go with.

She was happy that her ‘peeps’ (people) turned out for her, as nobody much is going to any gatherings of any kind right now, in light of the current pandemic.
I had been delighted when our friend Shari let me know she’d be coming – as was Marilyn. I had invited both Donn and Denise, but didn’t really expect them to come. I was thrilled when they showed!

Our friends Rolla and Marge came (even though he is seriously fighting cancer). Lovely to see the two of them! A couple of years ago we didn’t know if Rolla would make it…
A bunch of our co-worker friends came, including Carol, Jessic, Steven (and two of his kids: Wyatt and Grace) plus Donn (officially a member of my IT team). Plus several Board members were there: Carla, and Ron (I think I’m forgetting somebody…).

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by who wasn’t there, considering the circumstances. Rich had planned to be there (with his wife, Merlin, I think), but he somehow had the wrong day (poor Rich, confused again). He had an opportunity to see his brother tonight, anyway, so…
Many of the younger staff members just never turn up for things like this.

ASIDE: No amount of discussion during training seems to change this for younger staff, by the way. I don’t know why I even bother to suggest to them that they should ‘have the back’ of other staff members, as we will try to have their backs – because that clearly won’t happen. They don’t show up for events like this, or come to events like the Blessing of the Festival (unless it’s required and they’re being paid to be there). Forgive me for being disappointed, but here’s the deal: Marilyn and I have gone to all these events since we were the younger staff. We’ve been at nearly every funeral/memorial. We’ve represented at anniversaries and political parties. And we’re still doing it more than four decades later.
Who will do it when we’re no longer the ones? I have no idea. I guess nobody. It will fade away with us. That’s really too bad.Can I be forgiven for saying Millennials disappoint me? Yes, that’s a sad generalization. I still remember being the young and misunderstood person – part of the ‘generation gap’ that genuinely existed in the 60’s and 70’s. Plus I know a lot of Millennials who don’t fit this pattern and are amazing. But there’s a reason so many older people are bothered by them – and it’s not coming out of my imagination!

Bother the aside!

Marilyn did a GREAT job! She’s always been a great public speaker and has only improved with time. She’s full of wonderful stories and never has to write out and memorize anything. (Amusing in light of her ability as a speech writer for others who would be better off if they DID memorize what she writes for them. At least they have the benefit of her bottomless knowledge about the festival, plus her incredible grip on communications and current events.)

She stayed on time and shared new material that even I had never heard from before.
She’s already been asked to give this same presentation in May (assuming people are gathering at all by then).

I was able to bring Shari her Valentine gifts (seriously, not that late), and a paper rose for her and her caregiver. And I gave Team pins to everyone in attendance (that wasn’t US from the festival – and there were several).

I was very proud of Marilyn. I know I’m biased, but that doesn’t mean she was entertaining and enjoyable to listen to. In other words, I like her presentations as much as anyone! It was interesting and fun and insightful. I suggested that at some point we have her do it again and we tape it for others to see.

Anyway, we were there early enough that we go to go to the local pub and have a beer before the event, which was very nice.

As I’m typing this, Marilyn is sound asleep on the family room sofa. Johnnie is sleeping on the front part of my chair. It’s pretty cool to be doing this on my chair, actually.
Donn brought my ‘new’ laptop over yesterday. No, it’s not new. But it’s got eight gigs of RAM (!!!) and nice touch with the keyboard. It’s running Win 10. And has one of those little red mice buttons between the G and H, plus the usual touch mouse (though I personally hate them) – and I can also use a wireless mouse (and I do). It’s fairly light weight, which I was shooting for when I suggested what I wanted. Easier to move around.

Right now I’m typing away the same way I would on my desktop (fast) – but I’m NOT forced to sit up at my desktop, which is WONDERFUL. It’s so painful for me to have to sit at any computer. I just wanted another choice. A less painful one.

And when it comes to LiveJournal, doing entries with an iPad doesn’t seem to work worth crap. Which has been especially frustrating for me, considering I want to be blogging again.
We needed to get Marilyn a laptop because her current home computer is still a Win XP (I have one, too). Why get rid of those when they work GREAT and have software on them that probably wouldn’t work with these later Operating Systems (OSs). Anyway, Marilyn has a ‘new’ laptop, too. It, too, is running eight gigs of RAM. And has Win 10. Hopefully this will work until we can get her a Win 10 desktop computer (which is still the plan).

It’s late, and I need to sleep.

I have acupuncture tomorrow, so…

Maybe this laptop will get me blogging again, without fighting my iPad, or my body with the desktop. I guess we’ll see!

I wish the LiveJournal admins gave a damn about how lousy the App for LJ for iPads and iPhones is. And I’ve tried just typing into LJ in Safari, and it absolutely won’t work. Too bad. But at least when I want to use my laptop, I can blog again!!!

Best to everybody. Stay healthy. Stay positive (I’m an expert at that).

Yes, I really am going to read more blogs. I’m always figuring on more free time, so who knows?

Hopefully the free time won’t be related to the festival being closed down in 2020. We have so many wonderful plans!

It’s also freezing here, still – yet things are in bloom all over! What??? So stay warm!
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