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Meeting Beatles Mark! The Stu Fuchs Event.

What a long and exciting (and exhausting) day we had!

Marilyn had been wanting to drive up the Gorge the entire weekend, but we hadn't managed it. So she decided we'd dumb getting pedicures and just head right up as soon as we did a few quick errands.

We'd planned to get up earlier, but we ended up staying up to play our ukuleles, which we both view as being extremely important, and time well spent. I love my personal improvement with learning new chords, strumming ang making chord transitions. I'm far from good -- and miles from Marilyn -- but much better for me, anyway.

It's hard right now, as some days all we want to do is sit and play.

It was and bright, beautiful day, with blue skies, and a lovely drive. We didn't need GPS until we got into The Dalles. The store is called Yesterday & Today Music, and the owner is known as Beatles Mark (Mark Thomas).

His store is remarkable! Beautifully kept, totally tidy and organized, we were amazed when he kept saying the place was 'torn apart' and how sorry he was we weren't seeing it on a better day.

With a store that is named for a Beatles album, you can guess the record store features loads of Beatles albums, plus other goodies. It's decorated with huge yellow submarines and lots of Beatles posters everywhere.

His prices are excellent, and we bought several things. But the joy of being there was meeting Mark for the first time, and having a lengthy discussion about our favorite subject -- and his -- The Beatles! As you can guess, when you get three people together who sincerely love The Beatles, it was a lively and happy conversation!

We were sorry not to be able to visit longer, but we were on a very tight schedule, as we had tickets to attend the Stu Fuchs ukulele event in Milwaukie that required us to be on site by 6:30.

So we headed back home and got here just in time to eat, gather our materials and head out.

Dinner is worth mentioning, as we had the third of three pizzas we'd had in the freezer for some time. I originally heard about them on TV (can't recall where, off hand), but found them locally one day. I'm lucky in that I accidentally bought the better brand of a few that are available! It's the RealGood brand, with cauliflower crust. I know it probably sounds gross, but we found it DELICIOUS! For someone who recently had my doctor tell me that I couldn't use a vegetarian diet because it had "too many carbs," (and I quote), it's nice to note that these pizzas have 17 grams of protein to 9 grams of carbs. The slices are pleasantly filling, by the way. They beat delivery pizza hands down -- no, I'm not kidding!

We were out of salad (we've been eating a salad with every dinner recently), so we had it with cottage cheese (we're big fans).

We each had a three-ring binder notebook I'd prepared on Friday that contained the music for the event inside heavy-duty plastic sheets. We also had our music stands (ours fold up for traveling) and our ukuleles and tuners -- good to go!

What we didn't have was our tickets! Marilyn located the proper email, forwarded it to me, showed me how to find the proper link and then I printed them out, and we were off.

Traffic was good and we made good time, with no trouble finding the venue. Easy parking was a plus.

There was a good turnout. Getting there by 6:30 as requested gave us time to set up and also buy a few things (including t-shirts, a song book and some buttons), to be prepared for the 7:00 start.

The first part of the program was a workshop, using Stu's Ukulele Zen method. We focused on two songs. The second part was a concert of his music. Stu is a classically trained musician.

Then we headed back home where we unpacked the car and ate some more pizza. Again, imagine a basically guilt-free pizza in your life! I can't get over a grain free crust.

Apparently RealGood started out with a crust made of chicken (!!!), but now includes the veggie options. I think there are a total of three kinds, but the funny part is we don't really like the veggie pie -- we had to pick off the onions and peppers before cooking. So that leaves the Margherita and Cheese -- which are both yummy!

We splurged by splitting a beer while watching "Life of Brian," which neither of us had ever seen before. George Harrison not only supported the film (he remortgaged his house to finance the Monty Python movie to the tune of five million dollars), but he made a short appearance, too. Let's be frank: this is British humor, and it doesn't translate all that well for American viewers -- or at least for us. (Yes, I've known many people who loved it.) It's probably more difficult that we can't always understand what's being said.

The subject matter didn't bother us. I personally didn't care if it was a slam on Christianity or not. Humor is an acceptable way to make us evaluate our values, after all. And if something can't stand up to a little humorous jabbing, well...

Rich is back to work starting tomorrow!

Wednesday I go back to my eye doctor. I can't remember: Did I mention my recent treatment with Botox? Anyway, I had injections all the way around both eyes. And I won't pretend it wasn't painful, but oh well! Hardly the worst pain I experience regularly. The headache I had afterwards sucked, but when I mentioned it to my clinician, she cleared it right up with acupuncture! The best news was it worked to stop the 'tic' I'd been having, with the intense jerking down of my eyelid. I could barely see out of the right eye, and it was only slightly better for the left. Now my eyes are open and I'm seeing so clearly it's amazing for me!

Not sure if we go to surgery next for certain or not, but should learn more this week.

Friday we attend a performance by Angel. We often go to see and support his efforts.

And I'm back to Cupping tomorrow with acupuncture, plus more acupuncture on Thursday.

Missed seeing our luthier Miles last week -- maybe this week. I need a low G stringing for my Breedlove ukulele (Grayson), and we want buttons for a few ukuleles that still don't have them. I don't care what some people say/think, I like straps on my ukuleles! It makes them easy to hold and control while playing. (And, yes, I've heard the 'purist' argument against straps. I still feel it's a matter of preference, and not a statement of dedication to the art of the music!)

No new news about Shari's beloved cat Tink, who was let out Thursday by one of her caregivers. We did go out to Oregon City to personally hunt for Tink. And Marilyn offered a $50 reward for Tink's return. I keep praying and we remain hopeful!

Enough already! Here's hoping my blog entry finds you engaged, happy and very healthy! (And ideally pain-free, or close!) Sweet dreams!
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