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The First Day of Autumn -- Lots of Errands!

Yesterday Marilyn vacuumed my bedroom (this included using a brush on my rug to pull up Johnnie's fur). She's been asking if she could do it for ages, and I finally gave in. I'm glad I let her, as it's lovely having a cleaner room.

Today is the first day of autumn. Time just flies!

Marilyn's cleaning in my bedroom is related to finally moving Johnnie's cat box to the laundry room, where we've always kept cat boxes in the past. His was in my bedroom because he lived there for the past year. He appears to have adjusted to the change just fine -- he's such a smart cat!

No cat box means a ton less mess in my room. That's going to be nice.

Later on we decided to put up more hangers for our ukuleles and guitars. These are currently in the family room, but we want some in the living room, too. It's nice to just be able to hang them up, knowing they'll be safe. And it's wonderful seeing them on our walls.

Today we ran ERRANDS all day. Really exhausting. But we accomplished a lot. Marilyn got Pendleton whiskey for her baked beans (her secret ingredient -- I suppose I'm not supposed to share).

We wentto numerous stores shopping. We went to Michael's to get our latest Beatles item re-framed. It's fairly amazing, but will be quite outstanding once the nee frame is done in two weeks.

And we bought a frame four r another project.

Marilyn got some new pants at Ross. We picked several items there, but the pants were the essential item.

We went to Freddie's and Walgreen's and Walmart. I guess the only local store we missed was Safeway.

It was a great deal of errand running and loads of steps -- if only I hadn't left my Fitbit home!

Speaking of, my second wrist band arrived today. It's blact mesh with a magnetic clasp. It's a bit difficult to put on, but I'll get used it.

Johnnie is overdo for getting his nails clipped. Actually, he looks like he has something wrong in his mouth, so tomorrow I'm calling him in for the vet.

They should clip him there if I can get him in quickly enough. I wonder what's the problem? And hope and pray it's simple to fix.

So tired I conked out in my bedroom. Later Marilyn had to come upstairs and fetch me to see Sir Paul on Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). He was wo, as he always is. I'm glad she came to get me.

We both played our ukuleles while watching. I suspect she'd already been playing. Anyway, we need to play every day, and we take that quite seriously. Besides, we enjoy it! I feel like I made a breakthrough recently with my strumming and my transitions. That feels good.

I can barely keep my eyes open to finish this. It's currently 3:30 in the morning. Again, we did a lot of walking and carrying heavy items.

I love how wonderful it looks as I'm walking down the stairs into our family room. That back wall where ukuleles and her guitar all hang is impressive. It makes me very happy to view it.

We didn't get to adding the hangers in the living room -- hopefully soon!

Again, I love the way they look, hanging on the wall like art.

Sweet dreams, friends. I know I'll have them...
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