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A Day of Work

Marilyn sent me the following text yesterday: We need to talk about contaminated flour. That was based on THIS alert. We had just purchased a small bag of Gold Metal flour at the store.

It was only the five pound bags, and we got a two pound bag. So anyway, we're fine. But I can't blame her for her concern. Recalls are scary.

I worked at the office today. I was training Katie, who was returning to our staff. This is a trial period, but I'm hopeful she'll end up permanent. She did really well during her training. I was pleased.

Marilyn had said I could leave, but she had nominating tonight after work, so I stayed to greet the candidates, as I always do (four of them this time).

We got home around 9:00 p.m., so it was a long day.

Jessica and I were comparing notes on medications, etc. -- and specifically on hair loss. Very annoying for both of us.

Acupuncture tomorrow morning and seeing my doctor in the afternoon.

I downloaded a book about Frances Perkins today and started reading it. I'm really enjoying it. She was an amazing woman from the beginning of her life!

I've also been reading a book from Anna Castle's 'The Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mysteries.' I think it's the second book in the series. Really enjoyable, I have to say! I hope it continues in this vein.

Goodnight, all!
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