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Visiting Sister Sue -- My Shower is Fixed!

I'm not getting political (I try to publicly avoid it), but I'm impressed by Senator Kamala Harris. I like hearing her talk about the climate. It gives me hope knowing there are politicians out there who give a damn about making changes.

And that's as political as I plan to get tonight!

Productive day. I visited with sister Sue while Marilyn got her nails done. (I did that last week.)

Sue is worse than I often realize. Just sitting with her makes me sympathetic toward her daily struggles. There are still many flashes of the 'real' Sue. For example, she was correctly answering game show questions that even I failed to know. As I watched/listened as she answered, I could understand why she enjoys those shows. It was a chance to know. To be herself for those moments while she engaged with the TV. (No she didn't know everything -- it's not about that... I'm probably not expressing this well.)

Thank God for TV. For many of us it was a baby sitter, and a way to learn and also a means to be entertained. And this is moreso I think as we become seniors -- and especially for those of us with mental issues. Anyway, Sue is still with us, even when we let ourselves forget.

But I do better understand how Mikki doesn't know Sue -- nor can she, really. I'm doubtful she ever sits with Sue and hears her answering things even I don't know. Yeah, the next minute she'll be talking back to commercials. And during commercials we would try and just chat, but that was hard. She's also not there, I guess.

And she's remarkably difficult about being bathroomed, which is necessary. She's pretty much forgotten how to go by herself and not have a mess. And she ends up not going at all, just soiling her diaper. I know everyone is frustrated by her anger and bad behaviors, but I can only imagine how hard it is when you forget how to get up and use the bathroom properly. I'm sorry for Candy and Mikki, but I'm sorry for Sue, too.

Changing subjects again! Why the hell can't they make an EASY remote for cable??? Maybe especially designed for those who struggle with using remotes. You know, people like Sue need TV so bad! But she's constantly mucking up the whole thing, and then is unable to view for hours until someone comes to fix it. I can't tell you how many times I'm just trying to help her change the channel over the phone, but it's impossible.

Today I made the mistake of putting the TV on mute to speak with Candy (just arriving home). Sue took the remote back and started hitting buttons. Yikes. I couldn't fix it (the remote was different from ours), so Candy had to. You know, if I can't fix it, how could Sue? Frustrating.

Good news! I took a shower today for the first time since Mikki and I (mostly Mikki!) fixed my bathtub. She had broken the seal when cleaning (yeah, it was very black in there... sigh...), and we'd ended up with flooding in Marilyn's closet! Yikes.

This hadn't happened in years. We thought it was because of Marilyn's shower, but discovered it was mine. Mikki cleaned away the old caulk. Then we got Flex Shot and used that (it's supposed to last 30 years). We gave it over 48 hours to dry. Today was the test.

We had no flooding! Both Marilyn and I showered. It was great to be showering in my own bathroom again. (I had stopped as soon as we had reasoned out what was what.) And now its not black! It's very white and clean. I love it.

Shopping went smoothly, in spite of not having my list. (I forgot two things, but one hadn't been on my list, anyway! Haha.) We got piles of salad, now that we've found one I can eat without being sick afterwards. We literally went for years having salad for part of our dinner. I'd get sick all the time, but it's not all that easy to pin down. It took us ages... When we did, we began avoiding salad (obviously). It was a relief not to constantly throw up my meal nearly every day.

I love salad, and I missed it. But it was annoying having people constantly trying to nearly 'force' me to eat it. (I get that I'm fat, but salad was not the easy answer, guys.) Anyway, I'm so glad to have it back in my life. Now we're constantly eating it! But only that one kind!!!

Marilyn and I love our ukuleles and love playing them every day. She had really needed her nails done, as her strumming finger was messed up. It's extremely difficult to get it across that we want these nail strong, short on the left hand and longer on the right. Why is that? We explain and explain it, over and over. Geez. We can't be the only string-instrument players that get their nails done, can we?

Speaking of nails, I need to get Johnnie's done again. He's sticking to the carpet again, though thankfully not as bad as before.

Marilyn had to remind me that this is the time of year I have really bad seasonal allergies. How could I forget a thing like that? Yesterday I thought I was fighting a cold (and losing), today I feel much better. Marilyn pointed out that it could have been allergies... (Duh, Charlie!)

I think that's it for today, friends. Sorry, I rambled again today. But at least I wrote! I hope all of you are healthy and happy!

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