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Happy Birthday, Mitch

Marilyn put in a bad night. She's been feeling under the weather recently and seemed to be running a fever. She was bad enough to stay home, which is certainly rare for her.

I put in a rough night, too. I'm not sure why, but the last couple of nights my postherpetic neuralgia has been very painful and hot to the touch. I've been sitting up with ice packs, so I haven't been sleeping well.

With Marilyn home, I ended up canceling Mikki (our housekeeper) for today. (She's going to come Thursday, instead.)

I had my hair appointment at noon. So I grabbed Uber and headed over. I didn't care for my driver, which only rarely happens. I ended up giving him four stars and a lower tip, which I almost never do. I know five stars is very important to drivers. My ranking is equally important to me (5.00⭐️). But he still got chocolate from me anyway.

He did a poor job of dropping me off, by the way. The street in front of Kathy's (my hairdresser) is narrow. He didn't pull over, so he blocked the street, and dropped me off in front of another house. As he drove off this car he'd been blocking opened their window and cursed me out, loudly. 'Fuck you!' she screamed repeatedly. And so on, as I headed back to Kathy's. Unpleasant.

I waited while Kathy finished up with her current client. She has a lovely deck in back, so it was nice there. I was still early -- I always go early to be sure Uber gets me places on time.

I told Kathy all about putting down Colin and Henry. She was so supportive in advance that she was one of the people who encouraged us to use the 'in our home' service.

Interesting aside: Late last night (around 10:00) I went out to get the mail and there was a card. The return address was our vet! It was sent by our most recent vet (Jennifer), who took care of Henry the last time I was in. It was a sympathy card for both boys. A lovely gesture, but how did she know?

Well, when you do the online sign up for the in-home service, it does ask about your current vet. I'm guessing they contacted them, as we didn't. We've had many people give us cards and send us messages about the cats. (I have the cards up on the mantle in the living room.) And one friend -- Amy -- did a donation to the Humane Society on behalf of Colin and Henry (from her and her family) for both Marilyn and me. That's where we got BOTH cats as kittens.


I kept crossing my legs during my haircut. Kathy had to keep reminding me to uncross. I was just in so much pain. She got me a blanket to lean on.

Glad to get my cut. And because I was early, Kathy was kind enough to drive me home!

Marilyn has been checking my back all day. We both wonder why it's such terrible pain right now... I'm not sure what Marilyn is thinking, but maybe that I can get shingles again, which is possible. She's watching for a rash. Who knows?

Today is Mitch's birthday. This was the main reason I wanted to blog today. Mitch appeared in my journal many, many times. He was Marilyn's and my best friend, really starting after high school (even though we'd known him from much younger).

Mitch died suddenly (very unexpectedly) in 2012, right before his 56th birthday. We said we'd try to always celebrate the day. That wasn't easy today, but we did order food via Uber Food for dinner. (Who knew we could get Hawaiian food so easily, without even leaving the house? Yummy.)

Marilyn made a point of mentioning that I messed up my dates in previous entries. He was not born in 1955, but in 1956, as he was a year younger than her. I think I'll go back and change it (if I can force myself to get around to it). I used to be great at blogging, by not since my illness, I'm afraid.

I think Mitch knew how much we loved him.

Well, he's been gone seven years. That's a lot of years without my tennis doubles partner...

More again SOON, I hope.
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