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Dentist - 'Cynthia's Portland Uke Squad' - Tired...

Marilyn has been under the weather for some time now. Enough to miss work, which I'm sure everyone reading knows is not her at all. Fortunately she's going in to have a check-up, which has lowered my worrying quite a bit.

I know much of it c9mes from exhaustion. This was a very difficult year for her at work.

I went to my dentist at noon and had a start of my work done. It's an excellent start. I'm so happy. I can't wait for more.

I took Uber home. I was trying to reach cousin Linda to give her some cash, but was unable to. I totally forgot that until now. We'll have to try another time.

When I arrived home we had to leave directly for our 'Cynthia's Portland Uke Squad' gathering this afternoon. We were expecting to be late, but were right on time. There's always setting up and tuning and sorting music.

Connie runs a tight ship. Marilyn and I both love her to pieces. The music this week was quite challenging. Or I should say this month, I guess.

We both are tired after. It requires a lot of concentration, aside from the actual playing -- and the singing. And I hadn't really prepared for this set of music, to be honest.

This is probably way over my head, but I gave it a go, anyway. I even tried the fingerpicking. Marilyn is quite good at it.

We bought a ukulele strap for June -- very pretty!

Tomorrow I hope to go to the luthier and get some work done, including getting buttons put on June's ukulele.

I dropped by to see June and get her ukulele for tomorrow. I need to get my newest ukulele re-strung. I've read online that it's common that people do that as this particular ukulele isn't well strung out of the box. It's so beautiful I really don't mind! It's just a beauty.

I didn't mention I had low blood sugar again this morning, a surprise.

My chronic pain is maddening right now. On Monday during my MRI, Ammon (the tech) was kind enough to give me a very soft pillow to put under my back. Mary (my dentist) found a pillow today, too, for the same reason.

I want to get back to acupuncture soon...

Talked to sister Sue today. She was pretty clear. But focused on our recent visit. She kept saying how much Larry (her son) had enjoyed it. (Over and over again.) She frequently will do this. She's seeking something to talk about...
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