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Uber Yesterday -- I'm Really Furious! Or Serene...

I've been a really good rider for Uber. This isn't just my personal opinion -- I've worked hard at it. When I was first riding I always tipped on the APP and I gave them a cash tip, too. I've almost always given my driver some kind of treat (usually candy) when I get in the car.

I'm always there when they arrive and never make them wait, even if it means standing outside in the rain or heat. I tip generously on the App. I have always given five stars except once (the driver was aggressive about discussing politics and actually made me uncomfortable, so I only gave him three stars).

During the festival I gave drivers pins and ride bracelets.

I've always tried to be friendly, even the time the driver took me WAY out of my way at night (shudder). I had to direct him to get him where I was headed. His excuse was that he lives in Vancouver. Okay, then! (But he's the driver, guys, not me!)

By the way, I've enjoyed riding Uber, and have had some really lovely drivers. It's been something of a miracle for me, getting me where I need to go.

Yesterday I felt rather insulted when my driver to my doctor kept asking me if I was retired, then why wasn't I retired. Do I look that old? But I remained friendly. Then when it was time to go from the doctor to Freddie's to drop off my prescription, I was dropped THREE different times! I was getting rather alarmed about how I was going to get there. And time was passing. I wanted to start the process of getting my pills.

I finally got a ride, so all was cool. Until last night when I got an email with a subject that read: You will not be charged for your canceled trip.


It also said a 'temporary hold' was placed on my account. I guess it was a good thing Marilyn picked me up!

I did finally find a way to contact Uber. I haven't heard back. I'm pretty burned, considering.

But I'll attempt to be as serene as I was at the pharmacy...
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