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Vista House is Reopening!

Vista House is reopening this coming Friday, May 5!

The exciting part?

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been asked to participate as the official representatives of the Rose Festival. We'll be riding in the 'caravan of pre-1919 automobiles' (sort of a parade!) from Corbett high school up to Crown Point and Vista House. The ceremony runs from early morning until around noon, I guess. (The event coordinators are good friends of ours, so it should be a blast.)

Vista House
Vista House - click to see large photo

Vista House at Crown Point
Vista House at Crown Point - click to see large photo

I made my own art version of Vista House, too!
Charlie's art of Vista House
Do you like it? (smile)

Anyway, considering we've been annual members of 'Friends of Vista House' -- and have donated to the restoration -- it seems right for us to have this opportunity. We're really personally invested in this wonderful Oregon landmark.

Imagine it, though. Marilyn -- the parade specialist -- actually riding in a parade run by someone else... (grin)

Okay, maybe it's not really a parade, but close enough.

We'll be wearing our Vista House lapel pins and St. Johns Parade pins along side our Rose Festival pins...

Oh! And speaking of the St. Johns Parade, we're less than two weeks away from that...

(I can't believe that the only link related to the St. Johns Parade that I could locate was a photo link from the Royal Rosarians website! That's a shame. I wonder why nobody has made a St. Johns Parade site to date?)

Anyway, my vertigo should be totally over by then (fingers crossed) -- and maybe my psoriasis will be better by then, too.

I plan to redo my pedicure and work on tanning my legs so I can wear my shorter version of the uniform slacks that I love so much. (grin)

We'll have to go back to the office afterwards, though, as Marilyn has an afternoon meeting she can't miss. (We were thinking of taking off after that and maybe going to see the new "Mission Impossible" movie, but maybe we'll go that evening...)

Well, we both need to get a lot of work done this week, in order to do this. And we plan to go in to the office over the weekend, too. But, hell, it's that time of year, after all. So we're not complaining! Life is good! (As always.)

I still haven't put in an entry about getting flowers and doing some planting over the weekend -- or shared about the work we had done in the front of the house last week! I can't believe how far behind I am... (smile)

I'll try to take photos tomorrow to share!

What a busy time... Whew.

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