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Awake... Sick... But Had an Exciting Day -- an IT Breakthrough!!!

Actually, it's 1:48 a.m. and I'm currently sitting up trying to fight off my severe nausea. I drank some apple cider vinegar with water, and took one of my anti-nausea pills (the trick is keeping it all down, of course). I was sick enough that I couldn't stand hearing the TV even down low. I couldn't stand reading (and can only barely stand writing this).

I've taken my midnight pain meds, and all my nighttime meds -- and I don't want to throw these up. Especially the pain meds, which can't be replaced. Blah.

I was a tad off today (no, I'm not sure why, or barely how). But hungry at dinner time. Marilyn and I ate leftovers, and I honestly don't think these were bad. I just think my tummy wasn't having it. And I did try napping on a full stomach (my own fault).

All of this aside, I'm especially proud of how Marilyn is holding up under all the pressure at work. She insisted on a meeting to handle a sticky situation, and came up with an extraordinarily humane resolution. She's amazing, as I always say. She looks out for everyone, even when others would suggest against it. I wish she had the time to write a book (or a blog) about managing people, because I feel she does an excellent job (and always has). She genuinely cares about people, yet while looking out for them, she also manages to care for our organization! It's a tough balancing act, that's for sure. (Especially when she's faced with loking out for me -- and trying to also take care of herself, from time to time...)

She rarely takes abreak, needing to get so much done in a day. She came home at 8:00, we ate and watched some taped Jeopardy shows. Then played our ukuleles and finally slept. She's sleeping now.

And she'll get up early again, as she did today, and start it all over again. Yes, amazing.

As for my delightful IT moment today (and these are certainly few and far between!!!), I had a nasty situation yesterday. In the middle of training, Mary tells me her name isn't spelled correctly. I'm sure this sounds like a small thing, but I was dismayed. I've only had it happen four or five times in the past (for one reason or another), but it has ALWAYS meant starting over from scratch.

The process is:
I go on the Server and use the new name to create a Profile (user) name. It takes time to propagate (sometimes days). Then Donn can set up this Profile on a computer (each Profile is individual to a given machine, by the way -- if there's some reason to change computers, you start the Profile from scratch). This process as I want it done takes two or more hours to achieve. Finally, I'm ready to begin training my new Staff person on her pre-prepared machine.

We're still using the now-obsolete SBS Server hardware/software, which works fine -- for the most part. But one of the annoying features has always been that you cannot change a name, once you've entered it. That includes when a woman marries and wuld prefer using her married name. (This has been an issue more than once, believe me.)

I had to stop training to address it. I went directly to my supervisor to discuss it. Marilyn and I determined there was no way to start from scratch -- we'd stick with the wrong name if necessary. But I also decided to try fixing it! This was a ridiculous and stubborn attitude. And probably a waste of time on an already busy day.

I admit to being slightly off kilter, but I think I dealt okay. I got the change made, but it didn't appear to be working. Then I got Mary trained. So far, so good.

Today when I remembered to check (I was having another busy day working from my home office), I was bowled over to see Mary's name had actually propagated! It worked!

So I immediately went in and changed Christie's name -- I hope to surprise her! (A married Staff member.)

I tried to phone Mary and tell her. Did phone Lynn and tell her. But nobody else can really understand. I've been struggling with this for more than a decade. I was 'told' many times it absolutely could not be done! (Sometimes directly, other times during research via the internet. Emphatic results!) I wanted confetti and balloons, but that didn't happen. So I'll reward myself here in my blog.

Go, me!

Marilyn just woke and we chatted about my success. Of course she said 'Go, You!' (she's always there to give EVERYONE kudos and support), even though I said she didn't need to. She's so lovely and I'm so lucky.

As for me, I need to share with my Team -- and not because I expect praise. They need to know it can be done. And now I've shared it here...

Of course, if did our Usernames differently, it wouldn't be possible. I must credit Kent, or whomever determined we would do the smart thing and use first-name-last-initial. Perfect! (I've always thought that.) The original name-and-initial cannot be changed. It's the display name which can be changed.

Hopefully there won't be any fallout from the changes, but I can't see a reason for it. Still, you never know with Microsoft!

Time for bed, as it's very late.

Sweet dreams, friends.
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