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What Motivates Us... -- Fitbit Drives Me Mad, Frankly

I have PILES of things I should have blogged about.

Marilyn went to emergency in an ambulance from her office -- very scary as they were checking her for stroke! (It wasn't a stroke, thank God.)

I went to my doctor for my monthly pain meds. While there my right eye did it's new 'thing' -- which is to sharply drag downward so the eyelid covers my eye (and I can't see out of it). I was just telling my doctor about it when it happened. You should have seen the look on her face! Anyway, it seems I need surgery to correct it, so now it's in that black hole of getting a referral and getting insurance to cover it...

I just got bursa injections in BOTH hips yesterday. I might do my left knee, too, if it keeps acting up. She used to tell me she didn't do knees, but she had a class and is now good to go. So I'll see how it is in two weeks... Meanwhile, NEVER look at the needle when getting this done. They're HUGE. No kidding. Really long. I've had these several times, but good grief! Anyway, as always, I need to try and rest for a few days...

My latest item up for ranting is Fitbit. Using our very first Fitbit was such a joy. Both Marilyn and I were so motivated by them. But today's email made me furious. I got locked out of my account for logging in from an 'unusual location' -- by which I guess they mean either my iPhone or iPad. What??? Fitbit actually forces you to log in on a computer if you want to see your full account, which is about as backward as I can imagine.

In the email there was a big black bar which read: We've locked your account. Please reset your password now.

Are you kidding me? I wanted to contact them and ask how I can tell my account that I own several devices and will never just remember which is my official Fitbit device. I mean, how would I do that? "Um, Charlie, you should only log in from your home computer and your iPhone." Well, that makes sense, but the second I'm on my iPad and opening my email, guess what's going to happen... Yikes!

I did a back and forth with a level one inexperienced support texting person via the website. So, can I suggest a good typing course? If your job is to type back and forth with people, you need to do so in a far more speedy fashion! I can type about 200 words in the time it takes him/her to type ten. It's ridiculous. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting there waiting and waiting. I start out upset and it gets worse and worse.

Then the main thing this support person keeps pressing is for me to change my password! In the email it explains HOW to do this. So I'm also offended that this is necessary. Anyway, I feel ready to dump my damn Fitbit and just use some phone App instead.

Of course, we own a Fitbit scale, but it quit syncing forever ago, anyway. (I have to manually enter the information, which I never do, of course.)

Fitbit is too big for its britches. (By the way, I LOVE the background on that expression, which comes originally from Davy Crockett and was '...but when a man gets too big for his breeches...' -- delightful!) Many of their products aren't even displayed at their site anymore, including mine!

I don't recall if I ever blogged about the cyst I ended up with on my chest. It was in the exact location where my previous Fitbit would hang (I wore it on a chain around my neck -- it dangled between 'the girls'). I got a HUGE cyst there. My doctor had to use a scalpel to open it and then squeeze it extremely hard to empty the really nasty contents (no, it wasn't at all like a boil -- it was very hard). That thing is just finally going away months later. (sigh)

I've told many women not to put their cell phones in their bras. (I guess a lot of them do.) There's been proof it causes cancer. But who knew the Fitbit could cause medical issues? Marilyn always wants them off before bed so we don't accidentally get them near our brains! Haha.

So much for my Fitbit rant. I haven't decided if I'm giving them the boot yet. It's difficult!

I started to type 'on a happy note' -- but I don't want to bury it on this page. I'll wait!

Just talked to Donn. Symantec is messed up. He logs in and can't see our computers or anything. He's an Admin, so it makes no sense! He's resolving it as I type this (I hope).

We had (forever) a back line to our office. It's used to manage our phone system. But in this process of moving to our new provider for internet, it's been messed up. What a pain! I've personally used it forever. I frequently phone someone directly that way, rather than call through our receptionist (I know many of the extensions by heart). Try as we might, we can't seem to get the line back again! What gives???

Marilyn has this saying now: Things never get better, they always get worse. Sadly, it seems to be true...

I refuse to end on a sad note, though! Marily's birthday is April 7. We're planning a trip to the beach house. Our neighbor Janet is cat sitting for us! Isn't that wonderful??? She didn't mind the third cat or anything (and even insisted she'd do their cat boxes!).

More soon! I promise!
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