CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Adobe -- I Solved My Own Problem Without Your Help!

I was starting an entry here and lost my train of thought. I really couldn't get it back. It's beyond difficult to express how I feel when this happens. I'm just shaking right now, wondering if it's going to continue to get worse... Moving on...

I suppose I brought it on myself, really. Spending ages on crap like I'm about to reveal it's too much for my poor brain these days. (Thanks, encephalitis!)

My long (sorry about that) sad story began in a simple fashion. I was using the ukulele tutorial (the lovely Bernadette) that Marilyn discovered. It had a QR code (one of the little black boxes) that you can scan to go to a webpage.

Bernadette recommended getting a reader App and using her QR code. Simple, right?

So I go to the App store and do a search. Easy. The first thing that comes up is Adobe Reader. I do the update and hit Open. I proceed to using a Google account to do this -- I'm still not sure why that was even an option! It wants my password (of course). But it also asks for my birthday. This annoyed me, so I quite deliberately put in the wrong date. And got locked out! No second chances (what about those times Where I've been confused and accidentally hit the wrong thing?).

I tried everything I could think of, believe me. And I'm pretty damn clever about all this. Bragging, but it's true. Finally I break down and call support. Get this: they get so many calls that they offer to phone you back when it's 'your turn' to speak. It was a two hour wait, so it made sense. Even so, I was surprised when the phone rang later on (not really two hours later).

The barely-English-speaking gentleman tried to help me, but language was a barrier, I'm afraid. And I'm very open-minded about this. Finally I invented a phone call I had to take to let him down gently.

Somewhere in the online world my Google account is still blocked. But nor for Google use, thank God! And I did finally get in to my Adobe account, as well. I can't get over reasoning it out on my own! I had to reach a different login page, then be sure to use the Adobe login, as opposed to the various social media logins -- which had been made to stand out.

I generally avoid using any social media account for accessing another account, but in this case I honestly didn't see the other option! Why do that to users? If I can't see it, I must assume many also cannot.

I'm still bothered by my own actions. I should have readily filled in my birthday. I'm not bothered by my age and don't care who knows it. I'm not sure what made me snap like that and enter a really stupid age! I did this to myself, as I admit. But I'm still stunned that I'd get locked out like that! We're talking about Adobe Reader! Not the National Archives! Their policy was there several times 'explaining' why, but I couldn't bring myself to read it.

I've had a long negative relationship with Adobe. From personal use, but even worse dealing with them in the work place. They drive me crazy regularly. I can't tell you how many computer crashes are caused merely by Adobe trying to update. And they wonder why we hate updating their software? Catch a clue!

So my lengthy rant about Adobe is done. For today, anyway. If I ranted every time Adobe annoyed me, that's pretty much all I'd ever write about! Ha!

I'm now resting my brain (sigh) before heading to my ukulele to play.

I hope all of you reading this never need to use Adobe Reader for ANYTHING. There are alternatives! For a QR Code scanner, I found QuickMark (assuming you have an iPad). But if any of you have other suggestions, I'd love to hear them! The biggest problem appears to be Apps that are 'free' -- but pop up annoying ads! (I'd much rather pay than deal with ads, personally.)

Have a great day! (Or lovely dreams, if it's bedtime there!)
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