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Music with June and Movie with Jessica,

Marilyn nd I went Jessica to see "Bohemian Rhapsody" tonight -- and we all LOVED it! We sang along, and cried and cheered. Just wonderful and moving. I'm so glad we went.

Before that Marilyn and I went over to June's house with our ukuleles and the three of us practiced playing. Really a good start, and loads of fun! Our best song was "Edelweiss" (from "The Sound of Music"). We were working on "Mack the Knife" and several other songs. (I honestly can't remember the other numbers right now.)

Both Marilyn and I slept in late. We ere tired after a long week (specially Marilyn!).

Thursday I was at the office. I took in treats for the staff for Valentine's Day -- which included the annual mini-balloons I get at the DollarTree. You have to smack it with your fist to activate it. Then they last for quite a long time -- sometimes until after the festival (which is months).

I found a previous entry that I never posted! Haha. I think I'll include it anyway...

This is from sometime in January:

I just came from visiting with Gladys and Bruce (way down the street). I took them their holiday popcorn, which they were both glad to get. Gladys said that Bruce loves popcorn! We ended up having an hour visit. Maybe my longest one so far, but I didn't time seeing Barbara just across the street (she might have been longer). I saw Barbara yesterday.

I also went to see John (who is in quite the frightening neck brace after his accident and surgery). He says he's doing okay. I bet he's doing okay the way I'm doing okay. I could see that in his eyes! I only spent around 15 minutes there, but it was nice to chat. I haven't really talked to him since his accident.

I think Marilyn was unsure how these popcorn gifts go over, but I've really had people be enthusiastic. And I'm not talking about that 'being nice' kind of response. She should be proud of her involvement and how much our neighbor friends appreciate the gesture (and the popcorn! Ha!).

I was getting ready to head to Gladys' house and discovered my damn Fitbit was dead!!! That's a long walk and I wanted the steps!!!

And so ends that piece of blog from January.

I really do want to get back to blogging -- which I keep typing, I know. But it's true. I just can't seem to wrap my head around it since my brain issue last April...

It's the same thing with reading. I've lost interest terribly.

I'm giving myself plenty of time to get back to it.

Well, it's 12:30-ish, so I'll end for now. More about our ukuleles soon.

Love you all and wishing you well!
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