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Doctor Appointment -- Trip to the Beach

Today was my monthly visit to my doctor (nurse practitioner -- primary care provider), Leslie. (I didn't actually blog on Monday. So now I need to backdate this, so I have a record of this. I need to know when I see her each month, and I forgot to add it to my monthly Google calendar. It won't let me go backwards and add something!)

After seeing Leslie Marilyn and I dropped off my prescription, then drove down to the beach house.

Marilyn did quite a bit of cleaning up while we were there. And we both packed up a bunch of things to bring back to the Portland house.

We both were feeling sick coming home. French fries saved our lives, and I'm not kidding. (If you've never eaten something salty when you felt nauseous you'll have a difficult time understanding...)

My blood pressure was even lower than last time, and my weight was down, too.

I hope all of you are STAYING HEALTHY.

(By the way, happy dreams, all.)
Tags: 2019, beach-house, clinic, drive, january-2019, leslie-c, marilyn, monthly-doctor-appointment, pain-medication, ride

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