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Restful Saturday -- DoorDash

We took a day off today. Marilyn really needed the rest, but I guess I did, too. I didn't sleep well last night, so I ended up sleeping in until noon! I slept downstairs, because I was worried about Marilyn. But I have to wonder if I would have awakened if she needed me...

We did get a bunch of rest and sleep, anyway, throughout the day.

This evening we tried DoorDash for the first time. We ordered from Red Robin through them and got our order with no problems. Very convenient when you really don't feel like going out.

Some people complain about the fees, but they seem reasonable to us. They have to make money to stay in business!

"Dracula's Daughter" was on Svengoolie. That's a good movie. It was actually the sequel to "Dracula."

As for the Australian Open...Tsitsipas beat Federer. What a disappointment. Ashleigh Barty beat Maria Sharapova (we've always been Maria fans, but weren't really pulling against the Australian girl). Rafa Nadal beat Tomas Berdych in three straight sets. (We're big Nadal fans.) Simona Halep took out Venus Williams, and will now face Serena.

Sister Sue called today, back from her visit to see her son Larry and his family.

I was texting with both Shari and June...

Johnny seems better today. Maybe he was dealing with a fur ball. They really make him miserable.

We both really need manicures and pedicures. We hope to do that tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, all.
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