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Thursday with the Plumber...

My new plumber -- discovered via my electricians -- called me a crazy cat lady this morning. He never saw a single cat, as I had Johnnie in my bedroom, and Colin and Henry in Marilyn's bedroom. I mentioned to him that the doors were shut to keep our cats away from his work. Later on he told me I reminded him of his ex-wife, with my cows in the kitchen and all my cats -- like she had. He said she was a crazy cat lady, like me (!!!). To be clear, I like ROTH, the new company I found when wanting to get our electrical work done. As they also do plumbing, I was pleased to give them a try.

John was actually pleasant to work with. Somehow we got to talking about health. If we're talking ill health, he wins. Poor guy. He'd lost his plumbing job with another company and was between jobs -- with no insurance. He had pains, but thought it might be indigestion. Then food poisoning. 12 hours later his mother forced him to go to the emergency room. He had Pancreatitis! With no insurance he was in a pickle. He was saved by COBRA insurance, ending up paying $3,000 rather than $32,000. (I'm not being judgemental, but he's overweight, which probably is part of the problem. I should know, after all!)

I was amused during the summary. He tells me part of our issue with free flow in the sink are the drains we use. He suggests the usual pop-up stopper version. I tell him I personally removed them from both sinks. Our main issue with our sinks blocking up is hair -- as we both have long hair. He admits the pop-up type won't keep hair out of the pipes, but my change to the drain insert will. It was a relatively simple and inexpensive fix to our problem. Yes, we have to pull these out and empty them, which can be gross, but whatever. (I did it for my bathtub, too.) These don't catch all hair, but enough...

So when he's leaving, our total cost for today was only $129. (There's more to come.) They charge $89 to come out, but that's wrapped into your actual work. I had him check about our $89 charge from last time and he said we should have had that subtracted from the full job. As he said, $89 is $89. So he was going to mention it at the office.

Finally, he tells me the price to install new faucets if we go out and buy the hardware. It's something like $529 for both, but he'll do it for $500. If he has to get the hardware, it was more than a thousand dollars for both. Are you kidding me? Not a chance...

The best part of this is having drains that are cleaned and working well. Plus I cleaned up under the sink in both bathrooms. In mine I got rid of a bunch of stuff (a lot, honestly) -- threw some away, bagged some for the Goodwill. Then I rearranged under the sink, and on my counter. (Yes, I tried to put Marilyn's things back as I found them.)

The plumbing is fixed and the house is cleaner and more organized. All good.

After John departed I went to check on Johnnie, who was fine. Then down to see Henry, who was fine, too. Colin wasn't in his usual hidey-hole in Marilyn's walk-in closet. Maybe he could hear the work too clearly there through the wall. He was in her other corner where she keeps her boots, crammed in. I comforted him.

He didn't seem as freaked out as usual, really. But I got him to come upstairs with me, and gave him some attention before moving on to my next task (busy day).

Marilyn was funny, making jokes about John losing his job by insulting customers. Haha. Seriously, he was a nice guy, for the most part.

More later!
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