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Extremely Busy Day -- For the Festival and at Home

I'm tired. In fact, I fell asleep and just woke (it's after 2:00 a.m.). We were supposed to have popcorn at 10:30, but I slept through it...

I wanted to actually share some photos in this entry, but my upload failed, yet again. Frustrating. (sigh) So much for that idea.

Watching Australian Open tennis. Some impressive play!

Worked at least half the day on Festival things. A lot of website, including the official charity for 2019. I did a mock page, based on the Press Release Rich and I are to load tomorrow night. (Odd time to go Live.) Plus the short version of their description from Twitter. Them made a header banner that can stay until they give me the genuine article. Odd that they gave us Social Media info which required going to each site and searching! I did taht to locate the actual URLs, which I then shared around. Who wants to run to Facebook and hunt for the actual page? Or the same for Twitter and Instagram? No idea what they were thinking...

Rafa's playing now...

I had additional work, including setting up the Community Calendar so events can fill out an application to apply to appear there. That went well. Rich has been waiting on me, so it was about time I got to it!

I also got a bunch done at home.

I found our decorative wreath from the beach. We've had it home for ages to fix it. It fell down at our beach house and broke. But today I noticed it hanging in the garage and decided I wanted it on the inside of our front door. It's made of AMAZING driftwood that's been carefully nailed together. The colors are incredible. The part that 'broke' was this inner circle or sea shells, and it was just a couple that fell off. (The wreath was accidentally hung wrong, and it came crashing down at some point. The shells are glued on, so they can come loose.)

I pulled off a bunch off glue with a needle nose plier, discovering that once that was done you don't actually mind the few missing shells. It's really about the wood, in my mind. And it's perfect on our front door!

[Click on photo to view full size image.]



We have some green and blue elements in our room (obviously all our green doors), so this works nicely, I think. Anyway, I felt it was a good use of my time.

I also (finally!!!) took down the Christmas lights.


I hung these on our Critter Cafe this year (Marilyn's idea). They turned out cute. June (our friend and neighbor) was heartbroken when I turned them off last week. It's been so cold here I was reluctant to risk being outside to do the work, because of my long-lasting cold, having been warned repeatedly about how it could get worse.

Check this out! I wenck and added these photos! Got to share them after all.

Anyway, little wonder I was worn out, with both mental tasks, plus physical ones! A full and busy day...

Poor sister Sue! I warned her yesterday that I was working today. Yet she called me repeatedly today. I had to keep putting her off, being tied up. I'll try and phone her tomorrow...

I'm usually very good about it, calling her every day, and usually several times a day. I understand she's lonely, poor thing. (Even though she can't really remember what's said...)

We had chili for dinner, which we both love! Great when it's cold.

It's now after 3:00 a.m. Marilyn has been tired. We were going to get to bed early tonight. But the tennis really does beckon!

I've found it's easier all the time to balance spending time with the three cats. I still want to try to get them used to each other, but have been too busy to care much. I take turns letting Johnnie and Colin upstairs. Henry can't manage the stairs much these days, so doesn't mind staying down. (However, when he 'knocks' at the door to come up, I put Johnnie in his bedroom and let Henry up, of course!) I think Colin and Johnnie mostly accept this, so it's fine. I enjoy having both keep me company while I'm working. It's interesting that Johnnie is such a loud talker that people think he's Henry over the phone! Haha.

June's TMJ is much better. But now she has a cold, poor thing.

Our friend Shari went for blood work last week and has an appointment Thursday about her kidney function.

Thursday I have the plumber coming. Tomorrow I need to clean out under the sinks...

I have more website work tomorrow. And I need to phone Kris about some IT matters...

I tried a (dumb) test today. My alarm didn't go off at noon. So at 1:00 p.m. I realized I hadn't taken my pain meds. I wasn't feeling that bad, so I thought I'd try waiting and see if I was getting better. (This isn't the first time I've tried this.) And by 2:30 I was dying. So I quickly took my pills. I just keep thinking (and hoping) that I'll suddenly feel normal again. I guess that's how all people with chronic pain feel... All these many months later (since last April), I jus can't believe I'm in this pain, and not improving.

Marilyn said tonight she thinks I'm better. Maybe. Or maybe I just cope better. Today I noticed I was walking bad again when late on my meds. I've been so proud about how normal I seem walking now. I suppose that's mostly an illusion... Haha.

Well, I need to go to bed. Take care, my dear family and friends! Watch out for ill health. And have sweet dreams!
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