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Productive Weekend

It was a pleasant AND productive weekend.

Marilyn and I attended the first Court Orientation on Saturday. Marilyn had the lovely project of striving to get the PowerPoint done before the end of the week, because really she doesn't have enough work to do without adding that on. Anyway, she needed to be there to make sure everything (including her PowerPoint) ran well. Having been to many of these in the past, I thought this was an improvement.

Marilyn has been experiencing a flare up of her IBS-d as part of her illness. She stayed home Monday and Tuesday, but worked very hard the rest of the week, including an 11-hour day on Wednesday with no break. I don't know how she made it through the week.

We did have hot meals (!!!) during the week. This included cleaning out the freezer upstairs.

Amusing note: We had items from 2017 up there that had gone bad. I think this mostly due to my being ill in 2018. I wasn't up to much cooking, norcleaning for muchof the year.

Have I mentioned that we just changed kitty litter recently??? Marilyn was very allergic to the previous brand (I was bothered by it, too). So we needed to try something else. And we found Arm and Hammer Naturals Clumping Litter with corn fibers. This is by far the best litter we've ever used, bar none. Very light weight. Extremely pleasant fragrance. It genuinely does control odors beyond any expectations. Our main issue was finding it! When we did locate it, it wasn't in enough quantity! So Marilyn went online and found it via Amazon Prime. She even got a subscription.

We ended up with four large bags, delivered in two large boxes! We're both interested to see how it works out lasting over the month, and whether or not we'll need to supplement it or not...

Again, what a difference in the smell in the house!

Years ago a close friend remarked on the fact that she could never tell we owned cats, based on any odor in the house. We've been fortunate to have the cat boxes locaated in our laundy room, which is downstairs off the family room. That means most the house really isn't impacted. However, when those two boxes are dirty, we can notice the smell in the family room. Plus we can smell it at the top of our stairs, for whatever reason (odd area for it). And Marilyn will notice it in her dresing room, off her bedroom -- which isn't odd, considering they share a wall, and the boxes are right against that wall. But no worries with this new litter! Right now I'm in my chir, just outside the laundry room -- and that means I caan frequently smell the odor there. Right now all I can smell is this pleasant odor of the litter fragrance (even though they both need scooping). Perfect.

This is especially nice, considering I now have a box in my bedroom, with keeping Johnnie there since we moved him in the house. Sometimes when my door was open you could smell odor (meaning bad odors). But now if you smell anything, it's the pleasant smell of the litter!

We owe this positive change entirely to Marilyn, who picked out the new brand. The last one was clumping and like sand -- and it got EVERYWHERE! Ugh. And gobs stuck to the paws of the poor cats. Even if this does stick, it's just not as nasty as previous brands.

Getting it via Amazon Prime reduces the price, plus trying to constantly locate it. Marilyn researched the price compared to other services, such as -- Prime was cheaper. But it's not cheap, by any means. Of course, since we changed to clumping, none of those brands are cheap. Marilyn was asking me how some elderly woman on a low fixed income could afford it. I answered that she would be getting the old-fashioned variety, and the cheapest kind out there -- which is what we did for many, many years!

But we both hated having that litter all over the house! Hard pieces and sharp edges to step on, or find in the bed. A real pain. I'm glad we can afford this better brand. And I love the smell! Plus the cats seem good with it. No issues there at all.

We picked up prescriptions, which I really needed to do. And got very bad news -- our local Riteaid is CLOSING very soon!!! We both really like that store. And love the pharmacists and their assistants. We'll miss them. Thankfully it won't be faar to go for our medications, which are being moved to Walgreens, just down Lombard. Odd that we've received no notification about the change, considering it's such a big one!

We gave Hector a belated cash gift for Christmas, adding the sum to his check for work this past week. Plus we gave him a bottle of wine and some nice chocolates.

I did not get our neighbor Christmas gifts out, as planned, but I think it's for the best. I didn't want to risk getting sicker with my cold. So many people are getting pneumonia and ending up in the hospital.

We both had to sit at the computers in our office and do work for the festival. Marilyn was writing out a detailed description of the Orientation and what needed changing. I was tweaking the website changes from Friday that Steven and I worked on. Then revamping the detailed step by step instructions for the 'How To' site -- in this case it's very much for me (!!!), but also there potentially for others to learn from. My original goal with writing up instructions for the CityFair pages was to 'simplify' what we do. Well, as much as that's possible, anyway...

I still want to see June and have her try 'Ocean,' one of the many downloads I've bought from Potentials Unlimited. Have I mentioned them before? I highly recommend their Subliminal Persuasion Guided Meditation MP3s (and other versions -- Marilyn and I used to buy their cassette tapes, and still have some). I genuinely think it could help her. She has really bad TMJ, which Marilyn has also had forever.

I force Marilyn to listen to 'Ocean' when she's 'snapping' in her sleep. She'll bring her teeth together so hard it seems like she could break them! The sound is terrifying. She bites the hell out of her poor mouth!

The download does seem to help, and really helps her sleep (a total side effect). It helps me sleep, for that matter! In this case, we're using the Relaxation 'tape' (which is how I tend to reference them, even now). But there are so many to choose from.

We went grocery shopping. We were out of Kleenex (after having our colds), bottled water (big and small), cat food, etc. And low on bread, eggs, and several other things. That was good of her, as she probably wasn't really up to shopping.

We watched TV, too, including more Jeopardy (we're almost caught up). And The Australian Open has started.

Can't think what else we got done...

It's nearly morning, actually. I'm sitting up because I woke and couldn't sleep. That doesn't happen very often anymore, by the way. I sleep quite well most of the time, I'm happy to report.

I need to color my hair. I never got to that last week.

Hope all is well with my family and friends, and that you're all healthy! I always wish you all the best.

Well, for some reason this didn't post!!! It's now HOURS later! I wonder what went wrong? Technology. Gotta love it.
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