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Investigating Diabetes Online -- Interesting!

I'm wide awake (and listening to Marilyn sleeping beside me). We're both in our family room. I'm in my overstuffed chair, which has two ottomans directly in front of it. The chair and the ottomans are covered with lovely soft and warm blankets (new this winter), and Marilyn has a new pretty and soft blanket on her sofa -- her very favorite place to sleep in the house. I probably prefer sleeping in bed, but sometimes I sit up in my chair and use cold packs on my PHN (Postherpetic Neuralgia), which is quite helpful.

Marilyn has my cold, I'm afraid. I feel very bad that she caught it. I tried hard to avoid exposing her, but I guess that's difficult when two people live together. She's snoring due to her congestion, which I'm sure is miserable. Poor thing! It's not like she can stay home and stay down like me when I'm sick...

I just went up tomy bedroom and tested my blood as I normally do in the morning. I was low. (I tested three times. I was twice in the 70s and once in the 80s.) My eyes were watering, but aside from that, I wasn't having my usual symptoms (like shaking hands, extreme hunger, and so on). In fact, I felt really normal. I didn't take my insulin now, regardless. I'll do that later. And I did eat an apple, which I personally feel is the best way to counteract a low. I discovered how good apples are in 2018, and now I swear by them. I'll usually eat one very small apple (Dad always called these 'scrubs,' and so do I), but if I'm having extreme symptoms then I might eat two. (And sometimes I need a candy bar, too.)

Today I was greatly surprised by how good I felt during my low. I did eat the apple, but didn't experience that urgency to do so that I normally feel.

Anyway, I wanted to research people IMPROVING with Type II diabetes -- which is nearly impossible, by the way! Everything online is about avoiding diabetes or how to improve. Not about when one has improved.

I have a paperback book somewhere that I got early on that I remember was a very good source. I'll have to find it. Imagine reverting to a paperback rather than using the Internet! What a concept. Haha.

Thursday, 3 January, 2019:
I took all the decorations off the tree in the evening, but didn't box them up (both are usually separate and lengthy jobs for me). I was surprised how quickly I got these down, though I unfortunately broke one large glass ball. That made a mess, but it wasn't too hard to clean up.

Around 11:00 Marilyn began reminding me about doing the garbage and recycling. She had a very early morning on Friday and wanted to get to bed early. I was really going great guns, then noticed Jim didn't have his stuff out. Slightly annoying as I put my composting in his can, and I had a lot this week. Actually, it was 'real' garbage week, and I had a lot of garbage, period. I had to put out an extra bag, and had originally thought I might need to put out two bags.

I come back in when I'm nearly done and ask Marilyn if the email notification had said we were set back one day -- which was true the previous week. She hadn't noticed. I go in my email and sure enough! So I quit and we went off to bed. I was very tired, probably due to my cold. Being sick this time around mostly seems to wear me down, so I've been resting and sleeping a lot.

Friday, 4 January, 2019:
I packed away all the ornaments. The amazing thing? For the first time in my life I got them all into one box! It's a large box, granted, but that's usually always been the case. Anyway, I had removed several, packing them up for the Goodwill. We had an excess anyway, so this was good all around.

Then eventually I managed to pack away the tree and get it into the garage. I wish they could have made the box slightly larger! It's very difficult getting it into the box! I really don't understand why they can't compensate for a tree that's been out with branches spread -- and will nevr go back to the original compressed form. (sigh) Well, I bitch about this every year, but some years it's even more difficult to manage...

Lamar (which he sometimes spells Llamar -- no idea why!) called me. We talked around 45 minutes. Then he also came by. I gave him his Christmas gift and he was quite grateful. I continue to think he's a nice guy.

Saturday, 5 January, 2019:
Nothing much to report. Marilyn had wanted to go to Portland Music Company so I could get a ukulele, but she was really sick, and not up to it. We both took it easy all day.

I did maake popcorn in the evening (as I often do on Saturday nights).


That brings us to today.

I wish I was keeping up with my blog, but I'm still struggling with it. I hope to improve this year, but certainly haven't done that well so far! Haha.

Marilyn met with Kris on Friday. We're very anxious about the internet and WiFi in the office -- and have been for nearly one year now. Plus our Certificate situation has me worried. I guess answers are coming this week.

Donn has been sick -- which NEVER happens. Hopefully he's feeling better.

I have talked to my friend June regularly this week, as well as Sister Sue.

Candy went to stay at our beach house this weekend. She took her husbaand (!!!) Brian with her. This is so unheard of that I asked Sue repeatedly: "You mean her husbaand? Nicole's father? The man she left many, many years ago?" Haha. An odd choice of companions for her...

Sue is home alone this weekend, anyway.

I forgot to mention that I got a call about 'Charles' this week. The woman was referring to my brother Chucky (which is how our family always refers to him, for the record). She'd been calling his foster home to check on him and was told he wasn't there. In fact, that he hadn't been there for several months! The confusion was about his name. She'd reached a person who didn't speak very good English and asked for 'Charles.' Chucky is known by Charlie (ask me how confusing that is when I interact with his caregivers!) and always has been outside our family. I have no idea who may have amed him that. Anyway, she phoned back and asked for Charlie and everything was resolved.

I'm always called when there's a medical issue to give permission for treatments. I was concerned when I got the message that Beth was from a Radiation Clinic! But this was about his feeding tube, and not serious.

Well, more than enough for now -- sorry!
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